Amazon bot

Amazon Bot (Variation#03)

We’re glad to announce that our new project “Amazon Bot” has successfully been published at chrome-store, and it’s ready for a test drive. Webs-Automation has launched another bot to make auto-purchasing over the website of Amazon. Although, we had published the same purpose application before that was based on desktop software. But this one is simple and efficient that can operate your Amazon account at chrome. It’s a chrome extension and web application that read and collect products data from an excel file and operate each order to buy automatically

Please follow these instructions, to setup and run:

1- It requires a subscription if you hadn’t bought any subscription plan then visit our shop to get one. If you already own a plan then you’re free to go for step-2.
2- Visit this link below and add a chrome extension to automate “Amazon Bot”, make sure that you are login at your Amazon account bot will not attempt to login itself due to the security of your account.
3- Download the attached sample data file and add or remove products accordingly, must describe the following data against each product in this excel format file:
  • Buyer Detail including name, shipping address, cell phone number.
  • Product name, Asin number
  • Quantity and Attributes such as color, size, etc.
4- Once the data file is set with your products, then visit the link of our portal below, place your email address and upload that same data (excel) file. Click submit.
Note: the portal is a web page, that collects data from your excel file, then it read each product with preset attributes like color, size, etc. Then the chrome extension will make purchases automatically by filling up the checkout details.
Visit the Demonstration Video: