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Unleashing the Power of Automation: Leveraging an Arbetsformedlingen Bot and Scraper

arbetsformedlingen bot

Arbetsformedlingen Bot: Sweden is a fair land charged with enough opportunities. It offers advanced education. Thus, people from different countries usually prefer to visit Sweden to get an education and then look for a job. Some people may have a concrete interest in Sweden culture and they heed for sponsored job opportunities to get a work permit in Sweden. There are varied platforms available to find a job in Sweden.

What Is The Arbetsformedlingen Platform For?

You may rate the Arbetsformedlingen the best in all. It’s considered an official job-bank in Sweden that consists of private and government employment opportunities. It has reached up globally with a convenient process to apply for jobs. Contrary to other job searching platforms, Arbetsformedlingen jobs are applicable directly through email, as in most instances, it gives you an HR or employer email address to submit a resume (CV).

Why Should You Use Arbetsformedlingen Bot (Scraper)?

To secure a job in Sweden, it counts the most in the Arbetsformedlingen to keep searching and applying for jobs thoroughly. However, it’s a long-drawn-out process. Here we apply the Arbetsformedlingen scraper that’s a web-based application under our JobScout360 portal to search and apply for jobs automatically.

arbetsformedlingen bot

There are quite a few features available in the Arbetsformedlingen bot.  In general, it asks for the following fields to set data for the jobs you’re looking for:

  1. Job Title
  2. Job Location
  3. of Pages

There’s a separate Chrome extension for the Arbetsformedlingen scraper that you can install from the same web portal, It’s as easy as winking.

When you hit the “Start” button. The Arbetsformedlingen scraper will search for jobs with your specified job title and location and go through all no. of pages. Once, all the jobs are collected, It’ll scrap employer or HR emails for the open job positions. Eventually, you can access these scrapped or collected jobs from the portal. Moreover, our Gmail integration powered by ChatGPT will let you send an email with a resume against every collected job even this job bot can generate a subject and message for the email through ChatGPT.  

It can certainly curtail your 99% workload through its auto job scrapping and applying functions.

Scrap Swedish Jobs Over The Cloud

If you don’t have the means to dedicate or occupy a computer for Arbetsformedlingen scraper to collect it jobs then our “Offline Run” is a cutting edge to your needs. This feature will execute Arbetsformedlingen scraper on the cloud server (In the background) to collect jobs for you. You can simply schedule a task to start the Arbetsformedlingen bot for your specified job title, location, and day.

How to apply for the Arbetsformedlingen Job Automatically?

When the jobs are scraped or collected by the Arbetsformedlingen scraper your next move is to send a resume to these jobs. Therefore, we’ve coherent approaches to streamline email drafting and submission to the collected jobs. As said, earlier the content of the job application is email and may generate a supported chatGPT feature. As far as the matter of email sending is concerned, there are fascinating options available in our jobscout360 portal.

Gmail Linker: By default, you can open an email with auto-generated content and prefilled subject and recipient as an employer email address at Gmail in one click to attach a resume and send it.

Gmail Oauth: Our team is yet to work to add a capability to connect your Gmail account with our portal to send an email with a resume instantly in the background against the collected employer email address.

Official Email: To get a more lenient process, you can also subscribe to the official email + portfolio addon. Under this service, we will create an email address and portfolio for you with our official domain then it will be linked with your portal to send emails automatically with resumes to scraped jobs.


Locals of Sweden or citizens from other countries who are planning to relocate to Sweden may use the Arbetsformedlingen bot to apply for jobs in bulk. You may also consider using Indeed and Linkedin along with it, all of which are prominent job banks.



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To get started with Arbetsformedlingen Bot, you can visit our shop and select the relevant subscription plan then checkout and make payment online to complete your order. Once, the order is complete, you’ll receive your subscription and credentials to log in at the JobScout360 Portal and get equiped with the features of the Arbetsformedlingen scraper.


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It skips the jobs that are applicable on the company websites because every company will come up with its website that cannot be identified by the Arbetsformedlingen bot.

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There is no limitation the more pages you set, the more jobs it will read to scrap employer emails.

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It’s possible if you get an addon for personal email and portfolio from our official email address.

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No, as the jobs can be accessed without any registration at Arbetsformedlingen.

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