Amazon Bot (Variation#02)

Our new “Amazon Bot” auto ordering software come up with the following changes:

  1. The bot will fetch product details from a “PO excel sheet” including UPC numbers, customer name, shipping address, and product description.
  2. The bot will find the Asin number for each product from another excel sheet using the UPC numbers, UPC, and ASIN that needs to be corresponding to each other.
  3. The bot will search product by the Asin if more than 1 product shown in the result at Amazon then the bot will match the product title from the product description to get the exact one that’s ordered.
  4. The bot will finally move to the checkout by filling up the address, customer details, and payment method.
  5. The bot will also note the status to share with you via email or text file with the information either the order has completed or skipped.

The orders might skip in case of the following reasons:

System Requirements:

  • The bot will capable to execute on Windows (Preferred) or Mac.
  • The bot will capable to automate the order processing at chrome browser (recommended)
  • The bot will require having “Java” installed in your machine.