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Ebay Auto Order Processing Bot

Ebay Auto Order Processing Bot is a new product launched by Webs-Automation. It has a complete ability to automatically order in bulk at eBay. This application will save a lot of your time and effort. It is a very reliable software and is very secure as well. This application will read your order details from an excel file. 


eBay auto-order processing bot is a simple application. It does not require any special installation. You will get an executable file once you purchase the “eBay auto-order processing bot”. You just have to launch that and place an excel sheet of your order’s data or you can place your order’s data on the software screen. You can set the configuration for filters and your priority to manage how you want this bot to process your orders automatically. 


In the excel file, you will have to define the product names, seller names, colors, and quantity. Once your excel file id done, you need to activate your extension and click on the import file link. Then you can place your account email and the excel file of your data by clicking on “choose file”. Then click “submit”. 


Now the software will access the eBay website to search and proceed with the orders. You can then go to the eBay website and it will add your orders into the cart. After you have selected everything that you want to purchase, it will go to the checkout. Then you will have payment options and you can choose the one that suits you the best.