Facebook Bot

Facebook the topmost social networking platform having the vast quantity of users. Facebook is also considered as good for branding and marketing via Facebook campaigns. But it’s not possible for everyone to afford the cost to run facebook paid campaigns, this product Facebook bot can be an alternative of facebook paid campaign because it does this same thing as you expect when running a paid campaign. The Facebook bot works by collecting targeted audience by fetching public posts and then it filters all the posts where users are discussing your keywords. These keywords, you will set on the software screen and these keywords might be about your product, service, brand, technology, and campaign. Facebook will find all the posts where your keywords are being discussed so in this manner it will sort a targeted audience. Then, it will start to react to each user from the target audience by taking these following actions:

  • Auto-Likes
  • Auto- Commenting
  • Auto Re-Sharing
  • Auto Messaging

By making all the above actions, you can let this facebook bot to pass your message’s to your targeted audience, you can write a custom message about your product/brand promotion, service and campaign.


The Facebook bot is a java-based desktop-based application supported for Windows and Mac that you can download on your system with your license. It also has a feature to import demo data to fill all setting and configuration automatically.


You should have java installed on your pc, if not then the software will download and install itself. It works lively with chrome browser so you should also have an updated chrome browser as well. You can use tweeter account from imported data or use your own account.


We have similar bots for other social platforms although all these including this one are an integrated part of the lead product “Hash-Tager” that is designed to promote, market your brand or business on all supported social networking platforms in the same manner as happening in this product. If you want to promote your product/service through all social platforms then you should exploit this leading product “Hash-Tager” having all social platforms incorporated.