Facebook scrapper

How to Use a Facebook Posts Scraper to Analyse Your Performance

Our Facebook posts scraper can search, like, comment, and share posts automatically. it is now supporting the scrapping of posts that helps companies in marketing and advertising by collecting relevant audiences automatically through this bot software on Facebook.

Facebook Posts Scraper Features

  • It doesn’t require your Facebook credentials.
  • It searches and scraps posts.
  • It can searches posts with multiple keywords.
  • It can search posts using hashtags (#) or without hashtags.

Note the difference between using hashtags and not:

Suppose you have a keyword (Marketing)

If you use/enable and use hashtags, your keyword with convert into a hashtag as “#Marketing” the bot can instantly go to Facebook and collect posts because to read posts through hashtags, Facebook doesn’t require access to a Facebook account.

If you don’t enable/use a hashtag then the bot will go with a plain keyword as “Marketing” (No hashtag), but searching without a hashtag would require a Facebook account, thus, make sure you’re already login at your chrome browser because a bot cannot log in at its own. So you’ve to keep your Facebook account login in the Chrome browser.

Important Facebook by default show 4-5 posts when you search for something to get more you’ve to scroll down, the more you scroll more posts you’ll see. Therefore Go to “Global Setting” and then “System Configuration”  Find the option for “Set scroll value to read posts” here set the value to let the bot know how much it needs to scroll, you can put any value for testing place 10 or 20.

Get Collected Posts Result:

once all posts are collected, it’ll create and open an excel file automatically where you can find the user, group, page id, link of the post, and type of the post. You can also find this excel file in your software folder. Moreover, you’ll receive an email about the result.

Video Demonstration