Glassdoor Bot


The Glassdoor Bot will handle everything from searching for jobs, tailoring your resume to each position and even sending out follow-up emails. Get ready to find your dream job faster than ever before!

This Glassdoor jobs bot subscription includes:

  • 1-month access
  • Unlimited jobs applications
  • Live support and assistance
  • Documentation & Guide


  • Operating System: Windows or Mac
  • Browser: Chrome, Edge, Opeara
  • Accounts: Glassdoor & Indeed



If you add this addon-service "Handpicked Jobs" in your subscription, our experts will look for some potential jobs and they will keep applying manually with your resume and details. These jobs will be collected from different platforms and companies concerning your job-searching criteria. This addon service will applicable for 1 month only.
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A Glassdoor bot is a great way to find the job of your dreams. However, the process of applying for jobs can be tedious and time-consuming. But with the help of automated software, you can now apply for jobs on Glassdoor much more efficiently and quickly.

Glassdoor contains the same jobs as Indeed, but the difference between Glassdoor & Indeed is that you cannot filter “Easy-To-Apply” jobs on Indeed but Glassdoor offers this filter to get 1000+ “Easy-to-Apply” jobs that are applicable via an Indeed profile/account. Therefore, you can apply for numerous jobs using this combination of Glassdoor with your Indeed profile/account. Even, you don’t need an account at Glassdoor. The software collects jobs from Glassdoor without any account then it reads each job to apply with an Indeed profile.

A Glassdoor bot is a computer software that applies for jobs on Glassdoor automatically based on your criteria. This bot will save you time by doing all the tedious work like searching for relevant job postings, filling out application forms, and submitting job applications in just a few clicks. With this amazing technology, you can now focus on other important aspects of your career such as networking and learning new skills instead of spending hours or even days applying for jobs manually.

Why Use Glassdoor Bot?

Job searching can be frustrating and time-consuming. It often requires countless hours of research and applying for multiple positions, with no guarantee of success. A Glassdoor bot can help make job searching more efficient by automatically submitting applications to job postings on Glassdoor. With its advanced algorithms, a Glassdoor bot can quickly identify the right jobs for you, based on your criteria such as location, salary expectations, and industry experience. It can then generate tailored resumes and cover letters to send off to employers quickly and accurately. By using a Glassdoor bot, you can save time and increase your chances of landing the job you’ve been looking for.


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