Is it supported for Mac?

We suggest you to use Windows if you have any machine because some features like auto-updates are supported in Windows only. Although if you want to proceed with Mac then don’t worry about it, the bot application is also supported for Mac, you’ve to set up some dependencies for Mac, please follow these instructions:

  1. Download & Install Java for Mac Using this link:
  2. The bot automates/operate the chrome browser which requires a special driver for Mac: 
  • Use the link to download the driver:
  • In this link, you’ll find several versions available, check your chrome browser version, then download the driver with the exact version
  • Note: It’ll download the driver in “Zip/Archive” file, you need to open it, and copy/extract the main driver file from that Zip/Archive.
  • Open the software folder, you’ll find another folder/directory named “lib”, open this “lib” folder/directory and place the main driver file here.

Lastly, run/open bot application file, navigate to top menu bar search either for “Global Setting or Configuration” then go to System Setting, you’ll see an option for “Operating System” change it from “Windows” to “Mac”. In some bot applications this option for Operating System is navigated on main application screen in the bottom along with “Start” button.

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