ZipRecruiter Bot

ziprecuiter bot

ZipRecruiter is another prominent job-boarding website, which holds millions of jobs from the region of Europe. The website allows applying for jobs at 1-click operation, which makes it so simple but finding relevant jobs and reading each one to apply is still seems difficult and time taking especially when you’re tied up with other duties. We just caught the moments to give you a solution with this new branded bot “ZipRecruiter Auto Job Applier Bot”.


  • Filter the jobs by the country and your skills
  • Read jobs from unlimited job listening pages
  • Login manually or let it login automatically
  • Applies a job in less than 5 seconds


  • Operating system: Windows or Mac
  • Java JDK (Java need to be installed)
  • Chrome Browser

How to use?

  1. Make sure you’ve java is installed on your computer if not download and install from this link.
  2. Make sure you’ve chrome browser installed and it’s updated with the latest version of chrome.
  3. Download the software you received in an email.
  4. Launch the application file name “Job-Board.jar”.
  5. Fill the required detail such as your account credentials, Profession to search jobs.
  6. Select the value about how many job pages you wish to read by this software.
  7. You can also set a custom URL that you can generate from ziprecruiter website with filtered jobs so the software will read and apply for the jobs from the same URL. While using custom URL you don’t need to fill value in profession and location to search for jobs from there.
  8. Write your keywords that need to be contained in jobs or leave empty to apply for all jobs.
  9. Set other values like a cover letter, gender, ethnicity, etc.
  10. Check and select your operating system and browser to use by this software.
  11. When everything is configured click on the start service button.
  12. The software will launch a browser to log in and apply on ziprecruiter jobs automatically.

ZipRecruiter Bot Demonstration: