Indeed bot

Indeed Bot

Indeed is one of the best job searching website. It was launched in 2004. It is an American worldwide employment-related search engine for job listings. It was co-founded by Rony Kahan and Paul Forster. It is currently available in 28 languages and 60+ countries. On Indeed, you can easily find and apply for all your preferred jobs. It applies to only jobs that match your skills. It can read an infinite number of jobs. You can also set a value of how many job pages you want it to read. It can run 24/7 to apply to newly posted jobs. It filters jobs by location and profession. You can also apply with your cover letter and additional fields like your gender, ethnicity, etc.

Indeed’s Set Up Process

please follow the instructions to set up “Indeed bot”

Step 01:
If you don’t have the software then download it first using this link:
Step 02:
Run the software main file “Job-Board.jar” and enter the license number that you should have in an email about your subscription.
Step 03:
Once the software, Navigate to “File tab” click “Update Driver” let it update then from the same place click “Update Application” to get latest changes for “Indeed”.
Step 04:
Keep login to your indeed account with chrome browser, search for jobs and copy the url/link (You need to stay login at Indeed, so bot can access it without attempting the auto-login)
Step 05:
At the software screen, over the left side, you will find the “Indeed tab” click on this, and place anything (demo text) in username/password as you’re login at chrome so bot will not attempt to login therefore instead of actual credentials you can place any demo text there. Then in the URL/Link field place the url/link that you’ve copied from indeed in the previous step.
Step 06:
Click the “Edit” tab and then “Questionnaire” tab, it’ll open a txt file, where you can define questions and their answers for indeed jobs, only put keywords not complete question such as:
Note: Q: and A: is necessary for the keyword sponsor here to dominate the question as Do you need sponsorship? and Yes or No would be its answer.
Step 07:
From “Global Setting” enable “Self-Login” & “Chrome Profiling” features. and now you can hit the start button
Note: Your cv/resume and cover letter and basic details should be added to your indeed profile.

Video Demonstration:

Demo Verstion#01
Demo Latest Version