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Auto Post/Banner Generator

In today’s world, business depends on social media, no matter how small or big. Social media has become a crucial tool for business marketing strategies. Through social media you are able to spread awareness about your business, connect with your customers and increase your income. We understand the importance of social media and digital marketing in the business world, that is usually based upon the visual content that needs to be posted every day along with your messages, promotions, and advertising stuff. 

However, it is not economical to hire a graphic designer who can generate such social posts and banners for you, especially when you have something good in your mind and you wish to publish that in visualization form instantly but you cannot approach a graphic designer. Therefore, for the sake of this need “Webs-Automation” has recently developed and published an innovative tool to create auto posts and banners to post over social media forums.

This concept is not new and probably, you’ll find many similar applications about this but as usual, we tried to make a simple but unique application for you. “Webs-Automation” auto social posts and banner generator is a powerful web-based application that will also be developed for mobile applications soon.  

Qualities/Features of Web’s Automation’s Auto Post/Banner Generator

Following are the qualities and capabilities we added in our application to deliver you something more than your expected needs:

  1. While other applications have some preset templates that can be obtained to use as social media posts. Our application doesn’t have preset templates but it has an algorithm that can generate unlimited social posts and banners automatically programmatically.
  2. Webs-Automation posts and banner generator is superbly simple to use by having these following fields to generate a social post or banner:
  • Title of post
  • Sub-title of post
  • Logo (Optionally)
  • Description

Moreover, if you like something but need a few changes then you can customize the following stuff:

  • Font type, size & color
  • Logo position and size
  • Banner size
  • Post border-color


This application is available at multiple subscriptions starting from 10$ to 100$ that you can pick according to your needs.

Once you are done with any social post or banner selection generated by this application, you can download that in an image file format to share over different social media forums. To subscribe signup here or use this link:

Video Demonstration