LinkedIn Jobs Bot Guide

Linked In Auto Job Applier Bot software. basically, it is software that can apply linkedin jobs automatically.

At first, you need to visit this link ( to download the software, once the link is loaded there would be three steps.

  • Step-1: it will ask you to download and install Java, as this is Java-based software so you should have it installed in your system.
  • Step-2: Here select the product “Linkedin bot” You should see the product will download shortly.

Note downloaded file is a zip/archive format file, and the main software folder is contained in this zip/archive file, running the software from this zip/archive file is wrong and the software will not work.

You need to extract or take the entire software folder out from this zip archive format and keep that main software folder anywhere either in your desktop or document folder. Once you have the main software folder out from the zip file, open this folder. Then find the main application file “Job-Board.jar”.

linkedin bot

Note the icon along with the main application file, it represents Java, if it does not show for you then right-click on this file and choose to open with then select Java also mark this tick and click ok. If the icon is showing then just double click on it to open.

Now it will ask for the license number, if you are a subscriber then you should receive your license by email. Place the license number and click okay. now you should have the main software screen here.

Before setting up values, we need to update the application from the “file” tab and hit update application. it is updated, now we need to update other dependencies click over “update driver” and let it update too. That’s it!

You can also see other job boarding website panels as well because this software supports applying for jobs automatically over different job boarding websites but we’re going with LinkedIn so click over the LinkedIn tab.

In user name and password, place demo text anything but not actual LinkedIn credentials, it is for your account protection some subscribers do not feel safe placing their account credentials at this software screen so in that case just put demo text.

As we are not giving our LinkedIn credentials to this software so it will not log in automatically. Thus, we need to keep our LinkedIn account login in the Chrome browser. Then make sure to enable Chrome profiling and self login feature from the “configuration” tab.  These features will take your account information from the Chrome browser and will not attempt to log in as you have already login there.

linkedin bot
Here we have two options either to let this software search the job by placing the job position title and location or the second option is to visit jobs at the LinkedIn website and apply a filter like easy apply or any other filter to get more relevant jobs. Lastly, copy the entire link and place it on the software screen.

linkedin bot

In the right-side panel, you can let it filter jobs by keywords but if you have already filtered jobs at the LinkedIn website then keep it empty. Place your mobile number. Put your country code such as the US for the United States, CA for Canada, and PK for Pakistan.

You may upload your resume from here, in most cases, a resume is already uploaded in your LinkedIn account.

linkedin bot

Let’s come to other two exclusive features from the “Edit” tab that maximize the number of successful applications.

Click over the Questionnaire, it will open a plain text file:

you will see some samples of questions and answers which are already defined there. These are the possible questions that might be asked while applying for a job. You can set questions by single keyword and their answers. Like the first question in the sample, a file has a keyword authorized. it represents the question that contained the word authorized like: Are you authorized to work in U S? in the next line we have an answer for it. the second question has the keyword ” How Many “It is possible for the question that asks how many years of experience you have in the industry? Make sure to follow the exact format to add your questions and answers such as ‘Q semicolon’ and the question then in the next line ‘A semicolon’ and the answer.

The multi URLs feature:

linkedin bot

It will let this bot read jobs from multiple URLs or links, you can get different links from the LinkedIn website for different job positions or locations and put all links in this file line by line. the bot will read and apply for all jobs from each link.