Amazon to SamsClub Auto Bot

Amazon to SamsClub: A innovative tool for drop shippers and Amazon sellers. We’ve brought highly requested software to operate cross shipments (to place orders automatically) and inventories (to synchronize stock automatically) between Amazon and SamsClub. More than 5 copies have already been sold with customization for this software.

Purpose of Amazon to SamsClub Bot:

This software has mainly two purposes of use as follows:

  1. Automatically take orders and shipment details from Amazon and then place an order at the Samsclub store.
  2. Check inventory or stock availability for Amazon selling items and keep synchronized with the stock availability from Samsclub.
amazon to samsclub


  • Auto collection of orders/items from Amazon using SKU number.
  • Auto purchasing of collected orders/items at Samsclub.
  • The auto setting of quantity from the order details to the Samsclub cart page.
  • Ensure to remove the old or previous item’s from a cart while purchasing an order.
  • Supporting static (same) or customer (different) address to place an order at Samsclub.
  • Supporting to run in test mode (non-paid) or live mode (complete order with payment).
  • Auto payment processing at Samsclub to complete an order.
  • It reports data about all the orders’ status whether purchased successfully or failed due to any reason.
  • It updates shipment back to Amazon after completing a purchase at Samsclub, so you can get to know which items have shipped.
  • There’s a separate application for inventory check that checks and syncs amazon items and orders stocks with samsclub stocks

Note: Yet, all the copies we had sold were customized according to the requirements of our clients. Although the basic purpose is the same and explained above. Thus, we can also make changes if you need customization and changes in this software. 

Software Characteristics:

  • It is based on chrome-extension and works with the chrome browser.
  • It works live with an active internet connection (no background process)
  • This is open-source software and you’ll receive it with complete source code.
  • We will surely help you with the setup of this software which is a one-time process.