email scrapper

Gmail Scrapper Bot

Gmail scrapper bot is a very comprehensive and intelligent tool, that may set a great turnout in your business. The idea behind the development of this tool is a scenario where you may require to search, find and collect all emails regarding a specific word, service, product, person, or organization. Suppose you’ve 5000 emails in your inbox then how will you accomplish this job manually? It’s almost impossible, you may give up just after 10-30 emails. But this automated tool “Gmail Scrapper Bot” can perform and look for all emails under your Gmail account to collect relevant emails by keywords and you’ll receive results with collected emails in a plain text file. So you can use those emails for marketing and promotions. It’s designed especially for startups and pioneers.

It’s a chrome extension-based tool that is available at the chrome store, although it requires a subscription that you can purchase from our store. You can use more than 1 keyword to search and collect emails. Moreover, it can read multiple pages from Gmail to find a maximum number of emails even the archived emails.

Video Demonstration