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Amazon Auto Order Processing Software

Webs-Automation an expert company in automation has recently introduced one of most valuable software in market “Amazon auto order processing software”. Its an Amazon bot software which has great features to place bulk orders over amazon automatically according to your provided orders detail in excel file format. This software is secured to use and it ensures all orders must be placed correctly. Although may there might be something missing that you need or expect in this software but don’t worry we’re here to make changes according to your need but yet we would invite you to check out its following features:

  • Read orders data from excel file
  • Software panel will ask your shipping address/phone to place along orders as owner
  • Live screening to see how it working and monitoring its accuracy
  • By default, the software will choose your predefined sellers if not found it has an algorithm to select a seller with a high rating and fewer prices of a product
  • Secure payment detail placement
  • Complete output result about the completed or incomplete orders with a reason why an order was not complete via email and txt file log.
Not clear? what’s its doing let’s make this simple for you just check demonstrated video below:



Amazon auto order processing software is a supporting tool for those who have bulk orders over Amazon. We hope now you have understood this software but as said possibly there would be more than you expect to be included in this and we’re ready to hear your requirement to make changes in this current version according to your needs. For more detail or to share your thoughts about this, you may contact us.

How to Use?

Amazon auto order processing is a simple application that doesn’t require any special installation. Once, purchased you’ll have an executable file. Just launch that and place an excel sheet of your order’s data or alternatively, you can place your order’s data on software screen. Additionally set configuration for filters and your priority to manage how you want this amazon bot to process your orders automatically.

Due to security, we disabled payment proceeding to complete orders in this Amazon bot. It’s because we want you to make sure that this Amazon bot is placing your order with correct detail. Once, you satisfied we will enable its payment proceeding/cart checkout to complete your orders.