Boost Productivity with Chathomebase Bot: Your Ultimate Auto-Answering Machine!

Chathomebase Bot: Chat Home Base is a notable entertainment and messaging application. Everything work across instant messaging among various individuals.  As it has numerous clients subsequently, they have a highly secured website structure. The primary issue for chat home base users is that the messages appear lively so clients need to remain associated with it and trust that a message will pop up. Generally, a client can work around it for 2-3 hours, yet humanly it’s unrealistic to sit for an entire day and trust that the messages will come. The subsequent significant issue that its clients face it doesn’t permit copy-paste, so clients need to physically type long messages. Likewise, it’s more difficult to think and choose what to answer in a limited timeframe.

Chathomebase Bot (An Auto-Answering Machine)

chathomebase bot

Webs-Automation has developed a solution for this with the mix of 2 most recent tech channels.

  1. AI-Powered ChatBot
  2. ChatGPT Powered Auto-Answering System

Now, you can operate your Chathomebase account automatically using our automation tool Chathomebase Bot which is an “Auto Answering System”. You can deploy this bot to your Chrome browser, and it’ll keep looking for upcoming messages once a message appears the bot will also generate an answer using ChatGPT API and finally, it places and submits that answer automatically. Moreover, you can train your ChatGPT module with the conditions about producing answers where you can tell it what to add or not while creating a response. You may likewise get an inquiry regarding the area, or place. All things considered, the response should be pertinent to your area and client area really at that time a meetup or commitment might fix. To tackle this issue, this chathomebase bot can collect customer’s (message senders) information such as country or location, and pass it to ChatGPT to ensure the meetup or engagement may commit and you as a client and your customer both can approach in possible radius in distance.

chathomebase bot


  • It automatically catches a conversation at Chathomebase
  • When conversation is available, it collects customer messages automatically
  • It generates answers against customers’ last messages using ChatGPT
  • It automatically types an answer in the reply box
  • It is supported in English, Norwegian, and other languages
  • It may run 24/7

How to Get Chathomebase Bot?

This chathomebase bot is available at the chrome-store, which you can install on your chrome-browser, but to access it, you need a subscription/account. To subscribe and get access to it, you can buy this software from our store. It already has all the essential features, but if you’re looking for something more, then you can request customization in it. Note: ChatGPT requires an account key also to connect with this Chathomebase bot, And this ChatGPT account key is not a part of our software, you’ve to signup for the ChatGPT account separately and grab its’ key.

Is the Chathomebase bot secured to Use?

Chathomebase bot works live without any background process, it follows the same procedures that you perform while answering manually. There’s no difference except it’s an auto-answering machine that replaces you and saves your time and effort.


ChatHomebase Bot

Version# 0.16 |  Published On: 23 Nov 2023

Hi, We have just updated and published a newer version of the Chathomebase auto-reply bot. Now you will get more power of these features:

  • First, we fixed a bug in which the bot sometimes failed to collect customer locations.
  • We have added 5 preset messages to reply when a customer sends an Image in an attachment. We’re about to add more. We believe your suggestion is valuable in this matter.
  • Last but not least, we are recording the logs (information) about the customer including the customer name, customer location, customer message (last), and the note to let you know whether it was an image message or simple text.