About Us

At Webs-Automation, We work everyday to provide an automated solution for your routine computing jobs by making bots, scrappers and automation tools. Before to continue it's really important to understand about bots, automation tools and scrappers.


Bot is an internet base software/app, which run any process of any website automatically just like a robot. So suppose if you have a website to checkout regularly more than once that can be irritating for you but, a bot can execute these checkout's  automatically in same way as you do manually.


An automation tool behave same like a bot but the only difference between both is the term "Bot" is dominated for websites while, an automation tool can be refer to automate a mobile or desktop application. If you're looking a for software that can process some task on mobile or desktop application automatically then you should consider to get an automation tool for that.


Scrapper is very common in use to scrap data from any website or app. It surely helps you to extract vast data from a website/app automatically such as: email addresses, places, contact numbers, etc.

It's also important to know that a use of bot, automation tool or scrapper is not illegal or hacking. It doesn't steal any confidential or secured data but it can only accesses the data which is available and view-able at front of you at any website or application.

Our Team:

We're specialized in web, mobile and desktop Apps automation and our existing products prove our skills with bot and automation tool development. Unlike software houses, we only have experts for automation engineering. Our mission at webs-automation is to deliver automation tools that can transform you daily interactive task with any website or app into an automatic process via bots. It reliefs you in 3 manners:

  1. Reduce Human Effort
  2. Reduce Job Cost
  3. Reduce Time

Our developers are fully aware with all the latest technologies to use in development of bots, scrappers and automation tools. When placing an order for your requested bot, automation tool or scrapper. Our developers can better decide which kind of framework should be use for your task. Although, if you have something specific in your mind to go with that then they will definitely consider your suggestion first.

Technical Support:

Bot, automation tool or scrapper is designed to follow the website/app structure. So in case any website/app make some changes in its structure then the bot/automation tool designed to control that website/app has to be updated too. We at Webs-Automation always take care of what we developed that's why we offer 6-month free technical support and updates along with your completed products.

Applicable Industries

We can develop bot for any website or application but, these are the most applicable areas we worked for.

E-Commerce Apps
Social Apps
Freelancing Apps