About Us

By creating bots, scrappers, and automation tools, we at Webs-Automation strive every day to give you an automated solution for your everyday computing tasks. It's crucial to grasp what bots, automation tools, and scrapers are before moving on.


Bots are internet-based softwares or applications that operate any website's processes automatically, just like robots. Therefore, if you frequently checkout a website more than once, it could be annoying for you. However, a bot can perform these checkouts automatically in the same way that you do by hand.


The sole difference between a bot and an automation tool is that a bot is typically used on websites, but an automation tool can be used to automate mobile or desktop applications. Consider purchasing an automation tool if you're seeking for software that can automate certain tasks on a desktop or mobile application.


Data extraction from any website or app is frequently done using scrappers. It helps you to automatically extract a lot of data from a website or app, including email addresses, locations, phone numbers, etc.

It's also important to note that using a scrapper, bot, or other automation tool is neither unlawful nor hacking. It can only access the data that is open and viewable in front of you at any website or application; it cannot access any confidential or secured data.

Our Team:

Our existing solutions demonstrate our expertise in the development of bots and automation tools. We specialise in the automation of web, mobile, and desktop applications. We only have specialists in automation engineering, unlike software companies. At webs-automation, our goal is to provide automation tools that can use bots to turn your routine interactions with any website or app into autonomous processes. You are relieved in three ways:

  1. Reduces Human Effort
  2. Reduces Job Cost
  3. Reduces Time

Our developers have complete knowledge of all the most recent technologies that can be used to create bots, scrappers, and automation tools. They Our developers are better qualified to choose the appropriate framework for your task. They will, however, give your suggestion priority if you have anything specific in mind to go with it.

Technical Support:

The structure of the website or app needs to be followed by the bot, automation tool, or scrapper. Therefore, if any website or app changes its structure, the bot or automation tool used to operate it must also be changed. We at Webs-Automation always take good care of the things we create, which is why we provide your finished products with free technical support and upgrades for a period of six months.

Applicable Industries

Although we can create bots for any website or application, we focused on these three areas.

E-Commerce Apps
Social Apps
Freelancing Apps