Get Auto Views

Get Auto Views is another creative tool developed by “Webs-Automation”, which is designed to get auto and random views over any article, blog, or link from different locations. There’ve been many cases we established where we may require to get some visits to our links usually for marketing and to get web traffic to the links. Therefore, this software is useful for these such scenarios. Although, we make it something more than a bot.

get auto views


  • Use random IP’s for every visit.
  • Links can be provided directly on the software screen or using an excel file
  • Browstack (Remote computer) supported
  • Ability to make scrolling when visiting a link page’s
  • Ability to click somewhere on the link page’s
  • Continues running
  • Make a hold in the continuing running to prevent bot detection
  • Windows & Mac Supported
  • All known browsers supported, including Chrome, Opera, Firefox

How to Use?

  • Make sure, your computer has Java installed, if not before to move to the software download and install Java first using this link:
  • First, download the software from the link that will be provided to you once you purchased this product.
  • Extract the folder from this downloaded archive file, locate “Get_Views. Jar” file and click it to launch the software.
  • You should have software screen now as shown on top, place your links either on the software screen on the right side or click “open file” button to use excel file to place your links instead.
  • On the left side for configuration: Select Method, Scrolling type, Operating system, browser (Chrome suggested), Scrolling method accordingly.
  • Rerun count: Change the value to define how much time you want this software to visit your links.
  • Hold time: Rerunning much without holding in time may cause it to detect as a bot, that’s why it is suggested to let this software some hold for 1-5 or any value in minutes.
  • Waiting time: No need to change until we advise you.
  • Enable Click: if you want this software to also place some click on the link page’s to make it behave like a genuine visit.
  • Finally, you can hit start the service button to run this application.

What Includes in Package?

Auto Get Views is a stand-alone software work with Java no special installation required. The package you’ll receive after purchasing your copy will contain these following stuff:

  • Executable Software file
  • An auto updater software file
  • Necessary libraries
  • Your software copy license
  • Free technical support and live assistance via Teamviewer or Skype.

Get Auto Views Demonstration: