Amazon Products Rank Optimizer

Another e-commerce solution offered by “Webs-Automation” which is designed to rank your Amazon product’s at the better position by optimizing them. Publishing products on the Amazon it does not enough get leads and sale, there might be many similar products approx more than 100 as your competitors. But, the only product which shows on top of the Amazon search result will able to get customers interaction. There’s no any feature offered on the Amazon to let your products to display on top but they use an algorithm which gets the only products on top of the search result those having a much visitings and proceeding into the cart from the visitors.

We have designed this product “Amazon Products Rank Optimizer” by following the same concept of Amazon algorithm, this software product has the ability to get auto visits of your products from different locations and IP’s. It can proceed as many products automatically to visits anonymously and proceeding each product into the cart that is enough to say to the Amazon that your products are taking much interaction than your competitors so then Amazon will start to rank your products on top of the search result.

Although, it is an artificial interaction towards your products the software uses the real browser and machine either from your desktop machine or cloud machine so that Amazon will consider it as real audience interaction. The software can read your products through titles or URL (links) or even using both method. Check out this demonstrated video for your better understanding.


Using Guide:

It’s very easy to start in simple steps which are also shown in the above-demonstrated video but you’re welcome to contact us at “” for further addition in this current product or to having further clarification or guidance.



  • This is Java-based software so you should have java installed, if not then kindly download and install java first before to move for the software download. Click here to download Java for free.
  • Once, you sure that the Java is installed on your machine. Then you’re free to go to download the software copy, from the email that you should receive after paying the cost of this product.


  • Take a start to configure this software by choosing action “Just add to cart” or “Place reviews”, right now only the first option “Just add to cart” is supported to select this.
  • From the “Reading Type” select either you wish to search and read your products by titles or links (URL). You will define products titles or links at the later step.
  • Select your operating system and browser, by default chrome, is preferred.
  • In the field “Store Name” define the exact store name which is being shown on your Amazon store. It’s necessary to get accurate products because there’s a possibility to have the same products name from different stores.
  • Waiting time is default set to 3000 (3 seconds), it is a waiting time to wait for a product to be shown, change only when you’re instructed to increase or decrease by us.


You can start it on your system machine, but that will not give you different IP’s and locations that’s why you can enable to run it on cloud browser to have to access your stores and products from different IP’s and locations. To enable it to click on “Configuration” tab from the top navigation and then select “Cloud Operating” a window will promote that will ask you to place username and key.

The cloud browser is supported by “” you can create an account over it, and from the dashboard on the left panel, find your username and access key to place on the software prompted window, click “OK” after placing this info.

Final Step:

Click “Start Service” to run and proceed with this software. You can monitor the status of result whether on the software screen and also on the dashboard of “BrowserStack” if using cloud browser.



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