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Website Bot/Automation

We’re willing to develop a bot/automation tool for any website according to your needs. Just Brief us about your requirement and get a quotation.

Mobile App Automation

Webs-Automation can also provide you an automation solution for any mobile “App”, It doesn’t matter whether you want it for Android Or IOS App.

Software Automation

Looking to automate your desktop application/software? Webs-Automation will surely help you to design solution for it too. Applicable to any operating system.

Recent Products

We create highly-capable bots, applicable on different Apps & websites. We sell our in house made products as well as products labelled under other forums.

Facebook Bot

Facebook Auto Operating

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Twitter Bot

Twitter Auto Operating

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Shark Bot

Shark Auto Bidding Tool

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eBay Bot

eBay Auto Order Processing

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Amazon Bot

Amazon Auto Orders Placement

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Indeed Bot

Apply on Indeed jobs Automatically.

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LinkedIn Bot

Apply on LinkedIn jobs Automatically.

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Glassdoor Bot

Apply on Glassdoor Jobs Automatically.

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Monster Jobs Bot
Apply on Monster Jobs Automatically.

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Get Quotation For Your Customized Bot

You are welcome to share your requirements with us if you feel something is missing in our product's catalog and you require a bot/automation for any particular website, mobile Apps or desktop software. We will provide you with your desired Auto Bot. Place an order with every detail you want in your customized product. Our developer will analyze your order within 24-hours. Once approved, we will send you a confirmation email with the final quotation of your order. Click to Place an Order

The Tech - We Work With

These're the functional area's we apply along with our bots. You can also request additional stuff to apply on your customized order. If not sure let us decide which is best to go with your order.

Secure Logins

We know how it's important for you to protect your account credentials. That's why we provides couple of ways to protect you account via "OAuth" verification if offered otherwise, "Self-Login" which will allow you to login manually.

Live View

Bots are designed to run with any browser of your system so you can also monitor it's performance live on your own system. By default, we set these bots to run with "Chrome Browser" which gives better performance.

Silence Running

Don't wish to consume or dedicate your system for a bot, we offer cloud base running for bot processing through "BrowserStack" which will run the bot over the cloud even, if you turn off your system.

Platform Independent

We only work with "Java" to designed these bots which provide a capability to our bots to run at any platform/operating system such as: windows, mac, linux or any other machine.

Time Intervals

Bots are configured to run accordingly with your own time intervals either you wish to run 24/7 or for a particular time. Customized orders can claim our own time-intervals with auto start features.

Result Reporting

It's surely important for you to know how much work has been done by your bot. That's why we added a function to send you complete report about the result of bot-processing via email.


We used couple of 3rd-party applications to resolve CAPATHA verification to give you uninterrupted bot processing. Although, You can also attempt to by pass any verification manually.


If you have something that need to be surf over different IP each-time, We can add as many IP's within your bot. It may cost separately to for customized orders according to needs of IP's.

Free Updates

It's possible that the bot you occurred for any specific website stop working due to changes on that website so, along with your customized order we offer 6-months free updates to keep you bot executable.

How to request an order for a bot/automation tool?