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Website Bot/Automation

We’re willing to develop a bot/automation tool for any website according to your needs. Just Brief us about your requirement and get a quotation.

Mobile App Automation

Webs-Automation can also provide you an automation solution for any mobile “App”, It doesn’t matter whether you want it for Android Or IOS App.

Software Automation

Looking to automate your desktop application/software? Webs-Automation will surely help you to design solution for it too. Applicable to any operating system.

Our Bots

Highly-capable and applicable to a variety of apps & websites.

LinkedIn Jobs Applying Bot

Apply on LinkedIn jobs Automatically.

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Indeed Jobs Applying Bot

Apply on Indeed jobs Automatically.

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Dice Jobs Applying Bot

Apply on Dice Jobs Automatically.

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Gmail Bot

To scrap emails automatically.

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eBay Bot

eBay Auto Order Processing

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Amazon Bot

Amazon Auto Orders Placement

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Get Auto Views Bot
To get views automatically at any website.

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Get Quotation For Your Customized Bot

You are welcome to share your requirements with us if you feel something is missing in our product's catalog and you require a bot/automation for any particular website, mobile Apps or desktop software. We will provide you with your desired Auto Bot. Place an order with every detail you want in your customized product. Our developer will analyze your order within 24-hours. Once approved, we will send you a confirmation email with the final quotation of your order. Click to Place an Order

Our Tech

All of our features that we incorporate alongside our bots.

Secure Logins

We are aware of how important it is for you to protect your account credentials. Because of this, we offer a few options for safeguarding your account, including "Self-Login," which enables manual login, and "OAuth" verification, if available.

Live View

Bots are made to work with any browser on your computer, allowing you to keep an eye on their performance in real time. These bots are configured by default to use the "Chrome Browser," which provides better performance.

Silence Running

If you don't want to use or commit your system to a bot, we offer cloud-based processing for bots using "BrowserStack," which will continue to function even if your system is turned off.

Platform Independent

We only use "Java" to develop these bots, giving them the capacity to function on any platform or operating system, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other devices.

Time Intervals

Bots can be set up to run at specific times, whether you want them to run 24/7 or at a set time. Custom orders are eligible to use their own time-intervals and auto-start options.

Result Reporting

You should definitely be aware of how much work your bot has completed. For this reason, we added a feature that allows us to email you a detailed summary on the bot processing results.


In order to provide you with continuous bot processing, we deployed a few third-party programmes to resolve the CAPTCHA verification. However, you can also try to manually bypass any verification.


We may add as many IP addresses to your bot if you have something that has to be accessed through a different IP every time. For orders that are specifically tailored to an IP's demands, there may be additional fees.

Free Updates

Since it is possible for a certain website to change and cause your custom order to stop operating, we also include six months of free updates to keep your bot operational.

How to request an order for a bot/automation tool?