Twitter Bot

Twitter Bot a part of HashTager has 100% auto-control over Twitter.

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Facebook Bot
Facebook Bot a part of HashTager will operate facebook automatically.

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LinkedIn Bot a part of HashTager can also automatically operate LinkedIn

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Core Product Features

An initial version of HashTager is featured with three social platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Although, more platform will join it soon.

Auto News Reading Bot
  • Search Relevant Audiance It starts by searching targeted and relevant audiance at different social platforms who're posting about your service, product, brand or business/organization.
  • Send Custom Message: Once audiance is found, it starts to post your custom message to each user, you can write a promotional custom message about your product or service.
  • React Moreover it can react to the posts collected from the audiance that involves auto social likes, auto resharing and auto retweeting specifically for twitter.

More Detail About HashTager:

Hash-Tager is an innovative tool and alternative of paid campaign marketing, It tends to target audience through different social networking site’s and market your brand or product by sharing your message to them in form of private message and comments. Hash-Tager drives a campaign for the relevant audience by searching all the people’s who’re discussing your product, brand or technology and then it passes a message about your offers.  Unlike the paid social campaign, it cut corners via one-time monthly and yearly subscription without any limitation. You can set multiple keywords about your product, brand, and campaign to find the people’s who are in discussion with them and provide your message to this software so it can pass as long as, it can. Hash-Tager currently operating three top social sites including twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn but more will become a part of this soon.

The initiative to publish “HashTager” by Webs-Automation” was taken when it’s been realized that nowadays social and digital marketing has an edge over conventional marketing. Certainly, it hits a vast amount of targets in a few minutes. Usually, people use one or two social platforms but not all. It may have two reasons:

  1. People are not addicted to using all social platform, they are lack of knowledge about how to campaign on other social platforms except the only which are in their knowledge.
  2. People cannot afford to pay for every social platform to run campaigns separately.

Solution With HashTager:

While HashTager is formed to run the campaign’s overall social platforms with a quick setting that you can import as demo data so don’t need to go in detail to understand it. And it has one-time cost as a subscription, therefore, no need to pay separately for each platform.  Just like natives paid campaigns on the social platform, HashTager has same algorithm to find an audience who might be interested in your product by fetching public posts and tweets from those who are searching or discussing your product, brand, organization, and business and then it starts passing your message to them.

What Users Say

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Kiryun South Africa

It's good cheaper and effective to target customers.

Digicon Valley Moscow

As an organization, we are using it once in a week to sharing our service across the country, looking for more filter in it.

Qiley S.Taiwan

I am an employer hired to do this manually but now company has bought it for me that makes my effort 100% less.

Akzon Kenya

I've my own business, It was being so expansive to paid for native social campaigns, but this one doing the same thing at one-time subscription. Thank You