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welcome to an exciting journey of career discovery! Today, we're here to introduce you to a powerful ally in your job-hunting adventure – JobScout360 - AI Jobs Bot. Picture it as your personal tech-savvy sidekick, ready to simplify the sometimes-daunting task of finding that dream job you've been longing for.

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  • Apply For Jobs (Online): Run our job bot directly from our web-portal (JobScout360) to apply for jobs automatically on foremost job-boarding platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, JobServe, ZipRecruiter and Dice.
  • Apply For Jobs (Offline): You can add your job title/location or URL in portal to let job bot run in background on the server to apply for jobs silently.
  • Scrap Employer Emails: Scrap email addresses for open job positions from multiple jobs bank right now Arbetsformedlingen is supported. You also send job-application to the collected email addresses directly from our portal with ChatGPT generated email subject and message.
  • Get Portfolio: You can also claim to get your personal career portofio (website+email address) with resume assestment in include in job application.


JobScout360 Jobs Bot: Your Shortcut to Landing Your Dream Job

Hold on to your hats because there's more to this story! We're not just going to scratch the surface; we're going deep into the heart of this incredible tool and its trusty partner – job bots. So, brace yourselves to supercharge your job search as we uncover how these tools can evolve into your ultimate secret weapon for landing that perfect job you've always aspired to.

Imagine having a personal job-hunting assistant available 24/7, tirelessly searching for job openings that match your skills and preferences. That's precisely what a job application bot that applies for jobs is.

It's a computer program designed to scan various job boards, company websites, and career platforms, using specific criteria you provide to find job listings tailored to your needs.

Just think about it as if you were chatting with a human friend dedicated to helping you find the perfect job. You tell this virtual companion what kind of job you're looking for, the location you prefer, your qualifications, and any other specific preferences you have.

It then takes all of this information and goes into the vast sea of job listings online, searching for opportunities matching your criteria. It does all the process of automated job posting, so you can sit back and relax while it does the hard work for you.

JobScout360 Demonstration

Core Product Features:

Our Job-Boards provide a seamless platform for uncovering superior job prospects. Utilize our cutting-edge auto-applying job bots across a plethora of esteemed platforms such as ZipRecruiter, JobServe, Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, and Glassdoor. We have simplified the process for you - you have the option to effortlessly share your profiles or entrust us with the task of creating them on your behalf.

Moreover, we take it upon ourselves to meticulously assess your resumes, providing invaluable insights and recommendations to enhance them, ultimately amplifying your prospects of securing that coveted dream job.

Supported Platforms

LinkedIn Jobs Bot

With our cutting-edge automated job posting software, rest assured that your wish has been granted. Managing your job applications through LinkedIn has never been smoother.

Securing every conceivable opportunity by leveraging the power of your LinkedIn profile is as effortless as indulging in your daily dose of caffeine. We have meticulously crafted a remarkably convenient solution that empowers you to effortlessly tap into your esteemed professional network, thereby enabling you to secure that coveted job opportunity that has captivated your attention.

ZipRecruiter Jobs Bot

ZipRecruiter, renowned for its vast array of job listings, has introduced a groundbreaking feature that enables users to effortlessly apply for ZipRecruiter jobs in an automated fashion. With an abundance of job opportunities within your reach, discovering the ideal match has never been more convenient.

Indeed Jobs Bot

“Indeed” has become a ubiquitous presence in the realm of job searching, and you know what? It has been given the royal treatment as we have seamlessly integrated their platform into our cutting-edge automated job application bot.

Picture yourself effortlessly navigating the vast expanse of career possibilities on Indeed, seamlessly submitting job applications with utmost ease. It's akin to possessing an exclusive backstage pass to the most prestigious job board in the world. Congratulations! Your job search has just been infused with a newfound sense of excitement and possibility!

Dice Jobs Bot

If your professional ambitions gravitate towards the dynamic and ever-evolving world of technology and information technology, rest assured that we are here to support and guide you every step of the way. Our job application bot serves as your reliable companion in the realm of technology job hunting. We wholeheartedly endorse, the quintessential job board for tech aficionados.

What does that signify for you, my dear interlocutor? It signifies the ability to effortlessly and seamlessly submit applications for those highly sought-after technology positions showcased on the esteemed platform of Whether you possess a fervor for coding, development, or any facet of the tech realm, rejoice, for your pursuit of employment within this domain has been rendered significantly more effortless.

JobServe Jobs Bot

Picture a realm where your pursuit of employment transcends routine and becomes an invigorating odyssey. With our groundbreaking advancements to the JobServe platform, envision your professional aspirations fulfilled. We have elevated the art of job hunting to new heights by seamlessly integrating it with the tools that you heavily rely upon.

Glassdoor Jobs Bot

We're super excited to let you know that Glassdoor, the awesome source for company insights and employee reviews, has teamed up with our amazing platform. Get ready for an incredible experience! Imagine if you had a backstage pass to see how companies operate, including their unique company culture and the day-to-day experiences of their employees. It would be fascinating.

Subscriptions Plans

Subscribe for 1 Month
Subscribe to any single platform from supported websites as: LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, JobServe & ZipRecruiter
Supported Platform: 1
No daily limitation for number of jobs
Number of users allow to use: 01
Run Job Bots In Background (Offline)
6 Months
Subscribe for 6 Months
Subscribe to any 3 platform from supported websites as: LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, JobServe & ZipRecruiter
Supported Platforms: 3
No daily limitation for number of jobs
Number of users allow to use: 01
Run Job Bots In Background (Offline)
Subscribe for 1 Year
Subscribe to any 5 platform from supported websites as: LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, JobServe & ZipRecruiter
Supported Platforms: 5
No daily limitation for number of jobs
Number of users allow to use: 10
Run Job Bots In Background (Offline)
Portfolio (1 User)
ChatGPT (1 User)

If you want to subscribe to job application bot for a specific platform then visit our shop.

What Users Say

Apply to Specific Jobs:

With our cutting-edge Auto-Applier, you gain the power to meticulously filter and select the specific types of job opportunities that align seamlessly with your professional aspirations. To optimize your job search, consider specifying your desired country and job field.

Additionally, you can leverage the power of custom URLs generated by various job-board websites. We empower you with the reins of your job search with our bot to apply for jobs.

No Limitations:

With our revolutionary job bot tool, you'll experience unparalleled freedom and limitless possibilities.

With this revolutionary tool at your disposal, you have the power to effortlessly and seamlessly submit applications for an infinite array of job opportunities. The frequency at which you choose to execute it, be it on a daily, weekly, or any other preferred basis, is entirely at your discretion.

Support for Top Job Sites:

Our revolutionary tool serves as your ultimate gateway to the most prestigious job-searching websites available in the digital realm. At present, we have established seamless collaborations with exceptional platforms: ZipRecruiter, JobServe, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, indeed, and Dice.

By leveraging this incredible feature, you can effortlessly submit job applications, confident in the fact that you are harnessing the power of the most esteemed job reservoirs available in the market.

24/7 Availability and Updates:

We work round the clock, so even if you're a night owl or prefer job hunting at odd hours, we've got you covered. It's like having a job-searching companion who never sleeps.

Also, we consistently roll out updates and offer comprehensive maintenance to ensure that you experience services that surpass your expectations.


What We Have Unique

What We Have Unique

We were the first in the world who introduced this concept of auto-job applying the software in 2016. Today, we're well-established with advanced features as follows:

  • Our Auto job applying bot supports 5 platforms
  • Our Auto job applying bot supports 2 browsers chrome & Edge
  • Our Auto job applying bot supports Multi URL & Pagination
  • We offer customization as per user requirements
  • We provide live and instant assistant
  • Our paid plans don't limit no. of jobs
  • We can demonstrate the product live before the sale to get your trust in our product.


Other Service Providers

Other Service Providers

Other companies that offer the same kind of product/service limit you with the following barriers:

  • They have a chrome extension-based product, that can only run at chrome.
  • They have a limited no. of jobs for daily use.
  • They usually support just 2-3 platforms.
  • They don't demonstrate the product live.



How to Use a Job Application Bot?

Choose the Right Bot:

There are various job application bots available, each with its unique features. Research and select one that aligns with your job search goals.

Set Your Preferences:

After choosing it, you'll need to input your preferences. This includes your desired job title, location, industry, and specific keywords. The more detailed your criteria, the better the bot's job can assist you.

Activate the Bot:

Once your preferences are set, activate it. It will begin scouring job boards, aggregating relevant listings, and sending you updates based on your criteria.

Review and Apply:

When it sends you job alerts, take the time to review each listing carefully. While it does most of the heavy lifting, ensuring the positions align with your career goals and skills is essential. When you find a suitable job, follow the application process in the listing.

Trend of a Job Application Bot

In the digital age, leveraging technology like this can give you a significant advantage in your job search. Bots save you time, offer customized job alerts, and widen your job search horizons. You're getting closer to landing your dream job with the right IT by your side.

What's even cooler is that they can tailor job alerts just for you. No more sifting through endless listings that don't quite fit. They understand your preferences and do the searching for you. It's like having a personal assistant for your job search!

And let's not forget the magic of widening your job search horizons. They can scour the web far and wide to find opportunities you might have missed otherwise. They're like your treasure map in the job-seeking adventure.

So, why wait? Explore WebsAutomation's job application bot and discover a gateway to countless job opportunities. We've crafted this software with your needs at the forefront, ensuring it's super-efficient, highly personalized, and incredibly user-friendly. So, get ready to open doors to a world of job possibilities! Don't miss out on this innovative tool that can turbocharge your job search. Take the leap today and let technology be your ally in landing that dream job!


Indeed is supposed to be a noteworthy platform across the world to search for and apply for jobs.

Category: Indeed Faqs

Yes, you can start and run the Indeed Apply bot with any other AI bot to apply for jobs simultaneously.

Category: Indeed Faqs

The Indeed job application bot is available in four subscription plans: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.

Category: Indeed Faqs

The Indeed Auto Jobs Apply Bot notifies you about all applied jobs via email. You can also find the record of applications in our JobScout360 portal.

Category: Indeed Faqs

Indeed Auto Jobs Apply Bot is now a web-based application that works on all operating systems, but the Chrome browser is mandatory to run Indeed Auto Apply Bot.

Category: Indeed Faqs

We understand that the more jobs you apply for, the more chance you secure of receiving an interview call; therefore, we don’t limit the number of jobs. It’ll keep applying until it’s running, no matter what plan you subscribe to.

Category: Indeed Faqs

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