Twitter Bot

Twitter, one of the top social networking platform that offers a unique kind of interaction between its users from all around the world. Unlike other social platforms, Twitter is easy to use through its simple interface. The tweeter users are usually very decent and genuine. Another quality of the tweeter is that you’ll find almost every celebrity on it. And you can really interact with them. Twitter users are addicted to using it every day. There are some common activities putting about these following topics:

  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Business/Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Current affairs and so on.

In comparison with other social platforms, the tweeter has more potential to market and promote your product, brand, service, and campaign in its users. It is because the tweeter is public forums and most users don’t set any privacy for it. They want to be link around the world and tweeter make it more possible through its algorithm’s. What you like, what you comment or re-tweet will pass to every next to next user like a chain of communication. Posting at least single tweet regularly will give you 100+ followers in a month. Therefore, it’s a great way to pass your message around the world through tweeter. Once, you became a tweeter user then surely it will become your daily routine to use tweeter. But, not all tweeter users have time to use it regularly against of their wish therefore, we develop this “Tweeter Bot”.

Tweeter Bot: an application to operate twitter automatically with 100% control over it. It’s designed with a marketing perspective and having a strategy to first find all the tweets through hashtag’s and keywords that you can set on this appl8ication then it takes actions to each tweet that contains your hashtag’s or keywords. You can let this tweeter bot these following actions:

  • Auto Likes
  • Auto Commenting
  • Auto Re-tweeting
  • Auto Private Messaging
  • Auto Followings

You can set a message on software screen to pass in the form of comment and message for the tweeter users who’re interested in your topics as keywords or hashtags. It performs so fast without any limitation, it can pass operate 100 tweets and posts in 1-hour.


Tweeter bot is java-based desktop-based application supported for Windows and Mac that you can download on your system with your license. It also has a feature to import demo data to fill all setting and configuration automatically.


You should have java installed on your pc, if not then the software will download and install itself. It works lively with chrome browser so you should also have an updated chrome browser as well. You can use tweeter account from imported data or use your own account.


We have similar bots for other social platforms although all these including this one are an integrated part of the lead product “Hash-Tager” that is designed to promote, market your brand or business on all supported social networking platforms in the same manner as happening in this product. If you want to promote your product/service through all social platforms then you should exploit this leading product “Hash-Tager” having all social platforms incorporated.