What is an auto bidding bot?

The auto bidding bot is a browser extension for freelancers that bids automatically on hourly and fixed projects. Are you a freelancer? If yes, have you ever spent hours bidding on jobs and not even getting a response from half of them? As a freelancer, we have all been through the miserable bidding process. But what if we told you there is a way to auto-bid?

 So, if you are a freelancer, an auto bidding bot is made to make your life easier. Sounds interesting, right? Now let’s see how? 

Applying for tasks as a freelancer can be very time taking, an auto bidding bot makes your work as a freelancer very easy as it applies for every job that contains a keyword that you have provided which would take hours if you do it individually without a bot. You can add keywords. If any keyword or skill will match a project, then the bot will bid on that project. This way you can focus on finalizing your business deals instead of bidding manually or hiring a resource and you will always be the first freelancer to bid on your ideal project. The good thing is that you can run the bot 24/7, so it is actively bidding even when you’re not, to secure projects you want to work on. Now you can easily bid on top within a few seconds among other freelancers. So stop spending your days bidding, and start closing clients with auto-bidding!

Difficulties freelancers face:

Freelancing is very popular nowadays but freelancing comes with new challenges that you don’t have to deal with as an employee. As a freelancer, you are often at the mercy of your clients and sometimes it gets frustrating because the clients that hire you can be very picky, difficult or slow to pay when the job is done. Sounds hard, right?

Many other difficulties are faced by a freelancer such as:

  1. Applying for jobs without a bot is a pretty difficult task because you have to separately read all the project requirements every time and find the projects that fit your criteria.
  2. Last second requests.
  3. Some clients are not sure of their needs and goals and they hope you can identify them.
  4. Some clients call, text or email you whenever they want and this kind of behavior makes a freelancer’s life exhausting. 
  5. Businesses often assume that they can save money by low-balling freelancers for their services. Not only does it frustrates a freelancer, but it also tends to result in companies receiving inferior products because when it comes to freelance, you get what you pay for!
  6. Getting taken for granted by friends and family.
  7. Managing an irregular income.

What is Shark bot?

E-Applier is the only company that is facilitating freelancers through its freelancing bots. They have launched a new product called “Shark Auto Bidding Software” for freelancers who work at shark, this software will allow you to place unlimited bids automatically on as many orders as you like. An shark account is considered as your online-bank. This new feature will allow you to login yourself and let the app perform auto-bidding. It will search and apply for all the jobs which contain your keywords. You can run “Shark Bot” 24/7 without any limitations or preventions. You can limit your bids for a day as well. It’s up to you, both options are available. The great thing is that it supports all operating systems. You can also use a cloud computer provided by “BrowserStack”. It performs the best with Chrome.

How does it work?

You have to set the criteria for projects in the software according to your profile, then the software will search for projects and if the project matches your criteria, it bids automatically on that project.

->Now let us see how you can install Shark auto-bidding bot and make your job application process as a freelancer, easy. Just follow these easy steps and you are good to go.


First of all, you have to install Shark auto-bidding bot on your device. Then a form will appear and you will be asked to fill the following:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Amount
  4. Keywords

-> Then add an invite message for e.g;

“I want to work on this task.” and click on start.

STEP 2: login: 

Then you will be redirected to shark website, then add your email and password and you will be logged in. 


After logging in, there will be a filtered chart where you can customize your filters. You can also see your orders, your financial profile, overview, funds request, etc. and then you have to add the minimum and the maximum project price including currency code, then click on start. The bot will apply for projects that contain the keywords or skills that you have mentioned or the filters you have chosen. Make sure you mention all kinds of jobs you wish to apply for, so that the bot applies for more jobs, thereby fetching more jobs for you to possibly land.

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