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Job Searching Software – Your Ultimate Jobs Bot

Job Searching Software – Your Ultimate Jobs Bot

Job Searching Software: Hey there, job seekers! Let’s talk about a game-changer in job hunting – job-searching software. You know, that nifty tech wizard that takes the hassle of finding your dream job? And guess what? We’re diving deep into the heart of this magical tool and its trusty sidekick – jobs bots!

The Job Hunt Evolution: From Newspapers to CyberSpace

Remember the days of flipping through newspapers, circling job ads with a hopeful heart? Well, those days are long gone. The job search scene has leveled up with the power of the internet. But even online job boards had their limits. Scrolling through endless listings? Yeah, not the most exciting treasure hunt.

Your Personal Job Seeker’s Magic Wand

Enter job-searching software – your job-seeking fairy godmother! It’s like having an assistant that understands your job preferences better than anyone. It’s not just about finding any job but about finding the right one. No more endless scrolling, no more guessing if you’re missing out on the perfect opportunity.

Job Searching Software is the superstar here. Powered by some serious brainpower (AI and smart algorithms), it scans through mountain job listings in seconds. Think about it – while you sip your coffee, it’s doing the legwork, bringing you the most fitting gigs.

Meet Your Job Search BFF: Jobs Bots

Now, let’s zoom in on the real MVPs – jobs bots (by WebsAutomation). These little tech marvels are like your job-seeking sidekick, navigating the internet to find job gold. They’re the ones that make job searching feel less like a chore and more like a thrilling adventure.

You tell your jobs bot what you’re looking for, e.g., industry, location, salary, etc. And then, It goes to work, tirelessly scouring job boards, social media, and websites. It’s like having a team of experts working round the clock just for you. And here’s the cherry on top: it doesn’t just find jobs; it helps you apply to them too!

Why You’ll Love Jobs Bots

Hold onto your hats because the benefits are about to blow you away:

Personalized Perfection

These bots know you better than your favorite playlist. They match jobs to your skills and preferences, so you’re not wasting time on mismatches.

Time Traveler

Remember those hours lost in the job hunt? Yeah, not anymore. Jobs bots fast-forward your search, delivering top-notch opportunities to your doorstep.

No Missed Connections

Ever felt like you’re missing out on hidden gems? Not with job bots. They’ve got eyes everywhere, so no job opening slips through the cracks.

Your Quest for the Perfect Software

Now, before diving headfirst into the job-searching software world, here’s a golden rule: Choose wisely. Look for user-friendly interfaces, customization options, and compatibility with your favorite job boards. It’s like finding your perfect match in the tech world!

What’s Next for Job Searching Software ?

Hold onto your hats because we’re about to get futuristic. Imagine job bots that not only find jobs but predict your career path. With AI and machine learning in combination, the possibilities are mind-blowing. It’s like having a crystal ball for your professional journey.


As you stand on the precipice of your job search adventure, we invite you to take the next bold step. Dive into the job searching software provided by WebsAutomation and unlock a world of opportunities. Our software is designed with you in mind, offering unparalleled efficiency, personalization, and a seamless experience.

So, whether you’re a job-seeking trailblazer or a recruiter on the hunt for the perfect candidate, these tech wonders are your ticket to success. Embrace the future, embrace job-searching software, and let the adventure begin!


Can jobs bots apply to jobs for me?

You bet! Jobs bots are like your personal application wizards. They fill out forms, attach your resume, and help you take the first step toward your dream job.

Can jobs bots help me find remote job opportunities?

Absolutely! Jobs bots have your back whether you’re looking for in-office or remote positions. They’ll hunt down the best opportunities, no matter where they are.

How do I know which jobs bot to trust?

Great question! Look for reviews, try trial versions, and see what fits your style. It’s like picking your perfect travel buddy – you want someone reliable and who understands your vibe.

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How to apply for jobs automatically in 2023?

How to apply for jobs automatically in 2023?

How to apply for jobs automatically? Well, applying for a job is not rocket science but it’s an uphill battle that asks you to commit a regular time at least 2 hours a day, and apply yourself with the process of job searching and sending your resume to the relevant jobs.  Anyhow the company Webs-Automation had captured this issue among job-seekers afore and the founder of Web-Automation “Aleem Qureshi” launched this concept with the first beta software to apply for jobs automatically.

A Software To Apply For Jobs Automatically:

This concept and software to apply for jobs automatically is a patent product of Webs-Automation, although you can find more similar products like this today on the internet. But they’re simply cloning the Webs-Automation products. Despite this, We believe, it’s good to have more options for customers. If you wanna compare all available “Auto-Job Applying Software Providers” Then check this Article.

How to Apply For Jobs Automatically With Webs-Automation? When the world’s first software to apply for jobs was introduced by Webs-Automation back in 2016, it was supporting only a single job-boarding website “LinkedIn” but today, this software supports 5 potential job-boarding websites to apply for jobs automatically including:


More websites are about to become a part of this software, and it can operate all these supported websites simultaneously.  The concept behind the features of this “Auto-Jobs Applying Software” is to collect massive jobs, and apply every job that is relevant to your expertise.

Why does someone need to apply for jobs automatically? There’re limited job positions for numerous candidates, that’s why you can’t relax and hope for an interview call with few job applications.  To gear up your job application submission, you need to try this Auto Job Applying Software. That’s being very trendy in 2023.

Who’s using this software? Job-Seekers are everywhere in the world, everyone has to rush with job applications. As far as the “Webs-Automation Auto-Job Applying Software” audience is concerned, It usually has subscribers from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and some other countries too. Where US Is a prominient country with vast subscribers.

How you can apply for jobs automatically? It’s software also available in chrome-extension that automatically operates job-boarding websites in your Chrome browser lively without any background process. You can purchase a subscription plan to this software from the shop. Then follow the guide’s and demosntration’s to install it. And you’re ready to go! Let it search and submit resume to collected jobs, then wait for an interview call.

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Auto-Filling For Job Questionnaire Algorithm 3.0

Auto-Filling For Job Questionnaire Algorithm 3.0

Auto-Filling For Job Questionnaire Algorithm 3.0: We have upgraded our AI algorithm to find the more precise answer to the questions which need to fill while applying for jobs at LinkedIn or indeed. To get more successful jobs you might peruse to comprehend this algorithm that will assist you with setting up the responses for conceivable LinkedIn/Indeed questions. Assuming you run auto-job applying bot software, it’ll read employer questions and will search for the answers. If it finds no response, the bot will add those questions to your portal. So you can add an answer later.

Attempts for Auto-Filling For Job Questionnaire:

Attempt-01 To Find Answer:

The new algorithm 3.0 will first match the exact form of the LinkedIn/Indeed question with your set of questions. If it finds an exact (complete) question in your portal then it will take the answer that you’ve set.

Attempt-02 To Find Answer:

If auto-job applying bot software is failed to match the exact (complete) question from the LinkedIn/Indeed questionnaire and your set of questions in the portal. Then it’ll compare your questions with the LinkedIn/Indeed question and will find the best match. For instance: LinkedIn/Indeed Question: How many years of experience do you have in designing? Your set of questions in the portal:
  1. How good are you at designing? (This question contains only signal similar word “designing” from LinkedIn/Indeed question)
  2. Years of experience in designing? (This question contains three similar words “Years, experience, designing” from LinkedIn/Indeed question)
Thus, the 2nd question is more relevant to the LinkedIn/Indeed question and the bot will carry the answer against this 2nd question from your portal. While comparing your question and LinkedIn/Indeed question, it usually matches nouns and verbs. Words like “you, do, is, the, on, it” will skip or filter from the questions. And the comparison is supposed to be between the primary words only. Therefore, you’re suggested to include at least 2-3 main words including nouns and verbs in your questions. Like in this question “Years of experience in designing?” There are 3 primary words:
  1. Years
  2. Experience
  3. Designing
The part of speech, pronouns, and proposition from this question such as “of, in” will skip automatically by a bot. We trust this will assist you to apply for more successful jobs. Although, we’ll continue to update this product to make it intelligent to top off precise responses in the job application forms.
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The Anatomy of a Great Job Applying Software

The Anatomy of a Great Job Applying Software

Are you looking for the best job applying software? With so many options available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best fit for you. This blog post will go over some of the key features of job applying software and provide tips on how to choose the right one for you. Let’s get started!

Pros and Cons of Using Job Applying Software

Pros of using job applying software include the ability to save time by quickly scanning through numerous job postings and automatically filling out applications. Additionally, it can provide a way to keep track of all applications in one place, making it easier to follow up with employers. What’s more, this type of software allows you to customize your cover letter and CVs to match the job you’re applying for, helping to make your application stand out. Furthermore, using automated job applications can help you stay organized by allowing you to store important documents and notes related to each job application in one place. All in all, job applying software is a great tool to help streamline the process of applying for jobs and ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

Cons of using job applying software include potential compatibility issues with certain websites like glassdoor. Meaning some information may not be accurately transferred into the chosen job posting. Additionally, automated responses do not always create a personalized connection to employers that can be achieved through carefully crafted cover letters which are not an option when using job-applying software Finally, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of using job-applying software. Compatibility issues may lead to inaccurate information being included in applications, and automated responses lack the personalized touches of a hand-crafted cover letter. Although job applying software can be a time-saving tool, these limitations should be considered when making an informed decision.

Choosing the right job applying software for your needs can be a daunting task. With a multitude of options available, it’s important to consider the features each software offers and how they will help you find the right job. Automated software that applies for a job on your behalf is especially useful for busy professionals or someone new to the job search process, who need a little extra help in finding and applying for jobs. With this type of software, you can create a tailored profile and then sit back as the software does all the hard work of searching through job postings and submitting applications. With features such as automated interviews, custom cover letters, and tracking tools, automated job applying software makes the process fast and simple. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can make sure your resume stands out from the competition and be well on your way to landing your dream job.

From scanning through job postings and automatically completing forms to tracking progress with personalized job searches and updating your profile, the right software can save you time and energy while finding the job that best suits your needs Similarly, job applying software can be a great way to save time and narrow your focus in the job search process. With features like automated form completion, personalized job searches and profile updating, it can take the hassle out of the application process and help you find the right job for you.

In conclusion, the right job applying software can be a helpful tool in your job search journey. It is important to consider the various features that each option offers and select the one that meets your needs and goals. Job applying software offered by Webs-Automation can help you save time and energy and make sure that you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to submitting your application materials. With the right software, you can make sure you stand out in a competitive job market.

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How to apply for many jobs automatically?

How to apply for many jobs automatically?

We have been selling software to apply for many jobs automatically. Webs-Automation was the first company to introduce this concept of auto job applications. Right now we have many subscribers and customers. Some users have reported to us that the software stops after a certain number of jobs. They are the users who are new to this software as we also have recurring users who know how to set it up to collect and apply numerous jobs for better results. Therefore in this post, we’re sharing some recommendations you can follow to let this software apply for jobs massively.

Configure it to apply for many jobs automatically:

This guide has 2 segments:

  • Configure it to read jobs for multiple job positions and locations
  • Configure it to read more than the first page to collect more jobs for given job positions and locations.

Let’s discuss the first segment to make it able to read multiple job positions and locations. This software comes with three options to set or define job titles and locations so the software can read, collect and apply jobs for given titles and locations.

1- Static Title/Location:

apply for many jobs automatically

In this step, you can set a URL/Link to let this software read and collect jobs, the URL/Link you can get from a relevant website such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, JobServe, or ZipRecuritment.

To Get a URL/Link go to a relevant job-boarding website, search for some kind of jobs, apply an easy-to-apply filter (If offered) then copy the link/URL for that search result and put it on the software screen as pointed in the above image.

Most newbies subscribers use this option but a single URL/link from any job boarding website may contain only 10-20 jobs. After that software will stop. Therefore, your target should be to set it up for more URLs/Links for unstoppable running. Follow it either in step 2 or step 3.

2- Multi URLs (Recommended):

apply for many jobs automatically

Instead of using a single URL/link on the software screen, you can enable the “Multi URLs” feature. Navigate to the “Edit” tab from the top menu then select/check Multi URLs to enable this feature as shown above. On click, it’ll open a simple text (Notepad) format file, if it doesn’t open automatically then you can find this file in the software folder with the name “urls.txt”.

apply for many jobs automatically

In this file, you can place unlimited links/URLs. At one line 1 URL/Link then add 2nd URL/Link in the next line. As shown in the above image, it supports Links/URLs for Linkedin & Indeed, you can copy links/URLs either from LinkedIn, Indeed, or both. The software will automatically detect the relevant websites from the URL/link.

Tip for Indeed Users: If you have an active indeed profile, on the homepage of Indeed, it suggests you some jobs based on your previous searches these jobs are easy-to-apply, so you should always keep the URL/link of the homepage while using the multi-URL feature.

3- Add Multiple Job Titles/Locations:

Although we recommend step 2 for the Multi URLs feature. But some users don’t want to go through with relevant job boarding websites to search for jobs and copy URLs/links from there.

apply for many jobs automatically

For them, we have added another option on the screen of the software just aside from the single URL field that says: click to add multi locations/positions, as you can see in the above image. Click on it, this will prompt a window where you can add just the job title and locations. Check this video demonstration for this feature.

A segment to setup pagination to let it read more than the first page:

Pagination Setting For LinkedIn

For LinkedIn Pagination

The above image demonstrates the pagination setting for LinkedIn, In which, it asks: Do you want to apply all pages, you can enable it by selecting the checkbox. And keep “0” in the option “Limit the No. of Pages” When having “0” in this field, and the checkbox is enabled the software will go through all available pages for the search results of every URL/link. If you want it to read only the first 3 pages then replace “0” with 3 so the software will read jobs from page 1, page 2, and page 3.

Pagination Setting for Indeed:

Pagination for Indeed

To set up pagination for Indeed you can follow the image above the option “How many jobs need to be read?” comes up with a bar selection starting from 25 jobs to 100 jobs because Indeed gives 25 jobs per page, you can change it accordingly.


The combination of Multiple job titles/locations with pagination can probably give you such expected jobs count:

  • Jobs per URL/Link or Job Title/Location for LinkedIn/Indeed: 20 and you have placed at least 3 URLs/Links or Job Titles/Locations. Result: 20*3=60 Jobs (Minimum)
  • Pagination You set to read the first 3 pages. Result: 60*3= 120 Jobs (Minimum)

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How to apply for jobs automatically?

How to apply for jobs automatically?

Apply For Jobs Automatically: Searching for a job? How would we usually circumvent it, and what’s the achievement pace? Indeed, nobody can assure you an interview against your application except the employers who rely upon your profile and resume. So what stays behind at your end is to continue to apply consistently regardless of whether your applications are being dismissed. Try not to be disappointed. These are the following countries where locals and individuals from different nations often look for a task in light of the fact that these nations have monstrous organizations and markets.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • UAE

You may search for a remote position or a sponsored job if you’re planning to relocate from your country. There are plenty of platforms available like LinkedIn and Indeed, that connect you with an organization.  But holding out the possibility to receive maximum calls for an interview, you have to keep applying. However, being consistent in sending applications for a job is tough. It may take a couple of hours. Thus, people look for a convenient way to apply for jobs automatically with their profile and resume.

How to apply for jobs automatically?

As innovation is being progressed, Webs-Automation generally attempts to investigate issues, and afterward, we propose an automated solution for that. Similarly, in this matter of applying for jobs automatically, we have developed and published a robot software that is intended to naturally apply for an endless number of jobs automatically. It was the first software in this subject that has steadily become more astute. Today, it can operate five or more job-boarding websites to apply for jobs automatically on LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, JobServe, and ZipRecruiter.

Is this reliable?

You may consider this auto job applying software as your assistance, it just asks for some basic details, then it automates your chrome browser window to search and applies for jobs automatically. There’re astounding functions that make it ready to gather huge positions and increment the pace of fruitful applications.

Will you get a job using it?

Yes. This is a very good question and one that our team wants to answer. We know how important it is to learn how to use our product, so we can provide the best experience possible. If you have a creative, and incredible resume in your profile and you use this auto job applying software correctly with determination, you can find the job that’s right for you.

How to start using it?

All upheld job-boarding websites, including LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, JobServe, and ZipRecruiter are integrated into the same software screen. But you can get access to only those for which you subscribe. Either at any one, two, or all job sites. Subscription plans are available at our store you can visit to pick a suitable arrangement according to your need.


The auto job applying software is supported on Windows and Mac systems. You must have an updated chrome browser. Once you subscribe and make payment, you’ll receive your product in no less than 24 hours alongside specialized documentation and help from our customer service departments.

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Auto Jobs Applying Software Is Become More Intelligence Now!

Auto Jobs Applying Software Is Become More Intelligence Now!

We Have Brought Something New For You

Considering the demand for our best-selling software “Auto Jobs Applying Software”, We have made these important changes to the product:

1- New Feature: Set Questions Automatically
(Applicable to LinkedIn & Indeed)

This software supports a Questionnaire, in which you can put all possible questions and their answers that might ask by an employer, so the software can complete the application with your answer. But for some users it seems difficult to identify what question’s probably an employer asks, thus they don’t provide questions/answers to this software.

Although, in the latest updates, this software will automatically add the questions in a text file that are being asked while it applies for the jobs and later it will notify you to check the questions and put their answers to the next time software can apply for all such jobs with the same set of questions.

2- NEW Addition: Simultaneously Running
(Applicable to JobServe & ZipRecruiter)

We have a feature named “Simultaneous Run” which make this software able to run all job-boarding website together and proceed to apply for jobs on all at the same time. This feature was working with LinkedIn, Indeed, and Dice. But in the latest updates, we have added other two job-boarding websites JobServe & ZipRecruiter too. So now it can operate all 5 websites together.

3- Latest Modification: Fixed Pagination Issue
(Applicable to LinkedIn)

In the previous version, the software had failed to read and collect jobs from more than the first page, which has been fixed in current updates. Now you can let it collect more no. Of jobs by letting it go through more pages.

Auto Jobs Applying Software

We are still working to add more updates, features, and abilities to make this software even smarter. These updates and upcoming changes may reflect the subscription plan’s cost too. So if you hadn’t subscribed yet, then visit our shop now to get your plan at existing prices.

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What is a Job Bidding Bot and How Can It Help You Find a Job

What is a Job Bidding Bot and How Can It Help You Find a Job

A Job bidding bot is a browser extension that automatically bids on short and long-term projects. Job applying bots are a great invention for freelancers: they save time, effort and money. Adding keywords allows the bot to narrow down its search for your ideal jobs. The auto bidding bots offer filters that you can set according to your preference. You can customize them by specifying project titles and skills. You can also filter projects based on currency, country name, project budget, and many others. Once a project matches, the bot will apply for the position.

Job boarding bots then proceed to customize bid prices according to your settings and place bids within a few seconds after the project is posted by the employer. The bots might just be the perfect solution for job finders who are continuously on the lookout for a job and are tired of applying manually. Most bidding bots support a few of the most popular job boarding websites out there: like Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and recently added Indeed. However, more job boards are bound to become part of this auto job applier software. Job Applying Bots use the data you fill in from your profiles on the job boarding sites to apply. When applying, however, additional information is required to be set on the software screen. You can launch this manually or use its auto-start feature until you find the right kind of job for yourself. The software comes with great filters that enable you to add on specific features, like your country and position, that narrow down jobs specifically to your locality. Additional filters are customizable, according to your needs. The question is, how specifically can a job bot help you? Well, they are:

Easy to Use

Job Applying Bots are designed keeping in mind their need to be efficient and easy to use. The onboarding process is simple, and your proposals can be functional and running online in less than 5 minutes.


Bidding bots emulate all of the procedures you would normally follow when applying for positions onboarding sites. You can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands because the bots are designed to ensure they do not violate any terms of service.

Always on the Go

Job applying bots are constantly always working – even when you are too tired too. They run 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week and keep a vigilant eye on new projects that match your defined criteria. They can run non-stop and with virtually zero limitations. They also enable you to define value on exactly how many job pages you want the bot to process. It can read as many job pages as you think you need. The bot sends through proposals, and apply for all your ideal projects. You also have an option to limit the bots from placing bids on your behalf by setting a time limit for the day. It is not humanly possible to work 24/7 but this is accomplished by a bot. The bot also processes information a lot faster than a human is capable of doing.


The unique software is priced to allow access to virtually anyone. Freelancer sites usually charge unnecessarily (and in huge amounts) for trivial services. However, job applying bots are designed to help job searchers succeed. You can kick back and relax as the bots take back your leisure time applying for you.

Read also: How to Install and Run Freelancer Auto Bidding Bot


The bots use progressive state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms to analyze which projects are the best fit for you and where to bid on that will ensure that you have the greatest probability of being employed and that the job proves to be the best match to your criteria.


The extension allows you to refine your preferences for projects to ensure that your bids are used wisely and are not wasted on projects you would prefer not to work on. Thus, bidding bots help you save your resources applying to specific jobs that are relevant to your interests. Like we have said before, by using specific keywords, you can filter what kind of jobs you are keen on applying for. Using the bots, you can fine-tune geographic details like specifying your country and locality – or – find work worldwide and reduce the risk of geographical immobility. You can even use a custom URL generated via each job boarding website.

System Support

Most job boarding bots in the market support all the operating systems. You can also use a cloud computer. However, the Google Chrome browser is often times the best browsing software to use if you choose to operate with this. Other browsers are supported as well but bots tend to perform the best with Google Chrome. You can also add your chrome profile to the app and it will save your time, given that once your profile is provided and you are already logged in, the software will not have to login again.

Freelancer Difficulties

Freelancers have to individually read all the project requirements every single time. Some clients are not sure of their needs and rely on you to identify them. Some clients call or email whenever they want and this behavior makes life exhausting. Applying for jobs without a bot is a pretty difficult task. Not anymore.

Job bidding bots can process job applications faster than a human is capable of processing manually. Most current versions contain the features outlined above. However, developments are in place that promise to offer more features to even cater specially to companies who would like to flip sides and reach out to their ideal candidates. There are also plans to tackle culture and candidate-quality issues in the near future. Job bidding bots essentially take the rather monotonous task of applying off your hands. If you don’t feel like going through the hassle of applying, then let the bots handle it for you.

Image Credit: Life

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How to install and run Freelancer Auto bidding Bot

How to install and run Freelancer Auto bidding Bot

What Are Autobots?

An auto bot is a browser extension that bids automatically on fixed and hourly projects. They are really helpful for freelancers. Freelancer Auto bidding bot saves your time, effort, and money. There is an option available where you can add keywords. There are filters available as well. You can customize them by specifying project titles, skills, and a description. You can also filter projects based on currency, country name, project budget, and many other filters. Once a project matches your defined criteria, the bot will apply for that job/project.


Freelancer is a great freelancing website. With secure payments and thousands of reviewed professionals to choose from, is the simplest and safest way to get work done online. You can get a lot of jobs done or do work for other people. The jobs include web designing, mobile app development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing, graphic designing and a whole lot more. It is very easy to use as well.

How Does Freelancer Work? 

You can follow the easy steps given below to know how Freelancer works;

Step 1

Firstly, you have to Sign up. 

Step 2

Post a job. 

Step 3

Then you can review, compare and select the best freelancers for your job. 

Step 4

You can pay safely. Pay for work when it has been completed and you’re 100% satisfied. There are 4 convenient payment options available and they are;

  1. credit/debit card 
  2. PayPal 
  3. E-Check (the U.S. only) 
  4. Wire transfer 

Freelancer Auto Bidding Bot

Freelancer bot is launched by E-Applier. Freelancer auto bidding bot is the best selling product of E-Applier. It is well-structured. It bids automatically on Freelancer jobs. Now, you can operate your Freelancer account with this Freelancer bot which has enough capability to apply on all the Freelancer jobs that match your skills on your behalf. This bot is very user-friendly and easy to use. By using this bot, you can focus on finalizing your business deals instead of bidding manually or hiring a resource. It has some amazing features and they are given below;


Secure Credentials

Freelancer Auto Bidding bot has a feature called “self-login”. You can use this feature to log in directly to the Freelancer Auto Bidding website. This bot also allows you to let the app login automatically. The current subscribers of “Freelancer bot” are using the app without any concern regarding their account’s safety. This means you can safely provide your Freelancer account credentials to this app.

Runs 24/7

You can run the Freelancer auto bidding bot 24/7 either with “Standard Bidding” or “Instant Bidding. It can run non-stop without any limitations. You can also define a value to say how many job pages you want the bot to read. It can read as many job pages as you want. The bot will apply for all your ideal projects. You also have an option to limit your bids for a day. It is humanly impossible to work 24/7 but it is possible for a bot. The bot also reads a lot faster than a human can.


The newly added auto-run feature will let this app run automatically at your desired time. To enable the auto-run feature click on “Enable Auto Start” under “Global setting” on the top navigation. Once you click it, it’ll prompt a window that will ask you to set a numeric value as hours to run the bot and bid automatically for the defined number of hours.

Proposal Variables

To make a unique and relevant proposal and maintain your bid score Freelancer added some variables in this freelancer bot that will hold special values. When you add these variables in your proposal, the defined value against each variable will be used in your proposal description.

Bid Score Protection

Freelancer has added a new part in its structure named “Bid Score” which needs to be maintained above 65% for better bid quality. It will protect your bid score and your bid quality.

Job Searching Criteria

The “Freelancer bot” supports two types of job search criteria. The first one is to search for jobs by title, so any job title that contains a keyword from the set of keywords you have selected, the bot will apply for that job. The second criteria is to search for jobs by skills, so any job that contains any skills from the skills set that you have defined, the bot will apply for that job. 


When it comes to the position where it needs to place an amount and duration of the job along with the proposal. By default, it uses the default value you set in software. You can set a default price in percentage % so it will apply by getting the percentage amount of total budget. Although, there’s also an option to define a different amount and duration for different job budgets. Hourly jobs can also be proceeded with a default value or by using your defined value.

How To Install and Run Freelancer Auto Bidding Bot

Follow these steps to know how Freelancer bot works;

Step 1

Go to   

Step 2

When the application is launched, click on the third tab of Freelancer.

Step 3

Then place your Freelancer account credentials, there are two options available to log in on “” via this Freelancer bot.

  • Auto- Login: If you allow this app to log in automatically with your provided Freelancer account credentials, then simply provide your Freelancer username and password in Freelancer panel.
  • Manual- Login: If you don’t wish to share your Freelancer account credentials to this application. In this case, you need to click “Global Setting from the top navigation bar and then checked Self-Login Option. This option will let you enter your Freelancer account credentials to log in manually and directly on login page opened by this application. Once you log in successfully you will be required to click on “Yes” button on the window prompted by this application that will ask you “Have you log in to the Freelancer?”. By pressing “Yes” actually you’re informing this application that you have got a login to Freelancer and now the application can start its job as Freelancer bot.

Step 4

After account credentials, you need to set the amount in the “Amount %:” field under Freelancer panel this is default amount value to be placed in your bid application. The value is formatted in percentage so suppose if you place “50” as a value here then this bot will find 50% of maximum job budget. For example, if a job has a maximum budget of 100$ then this bot will apply 50$ that is 50% of 100$. 

Step 5

Just below the “amount field”, you’ll have another field named “Duration”, It’s default duration value is formatted in days that needs to be placed in your bidding application. If you place “7” as a value in this field, then this freelancer bot will apply 7-days in your bid application. This means you’re saying that you’re willing to complete the project you’re applying for in 7-days. 

Step 6

On the right panel, there will be two tabs, Proposal-1 and Proposal-2. All bots of “E-Applier” supports two different proposals for two different job categories. It is because, if you wish to apply on two different categories of jobs, one as a designer and another one as a writer then you’ll definitely have different keywords and proposals for each category. You need to place keywords for each proposal that need to be matched with the job skills. Only the job titles that contain any of your keywords will be applied for. Just down to keyword in the “Proposal/Description” field write your detailed proposal to convey your services.

Step 7

 In the top navigation, under “Freelancer Setting” you’ll have many other features to control your bidding. You can select them according to your preference.

Step 8

There are two options applicable for a freelancer in “Global Setting” on the top navigation bar.

  1. Under “Global Setting”, click on “Job Reading Setting”. If you select “Standard Bidding Type” to run the bot, then you will also have to tell this freelancer bot how many job pages it needs to read. This you can define in the  “Read Pages” field. Also, set a value to recheck pages if you wish to restart from page-1 when all pages would have been read to apply for jobs. If you wish to limit the number of bids to apply by this freelancer bot then place a numeric value in the “Limit Bids” field.
  2. Under “Global Setting”, click on “System Configuration”. The first field you’ll find is “Job Search By” this field will have two options. Either you wish to match your keywords in “Job Titles” or in “Job Skills”. By default, freelancer bot is configured to match your keywords by the “job skill” set, but you can switch its value to let this bot match your keywords in “Job Title”.

Step 9

Once, you complete all the configuration accordingly. Click on “Start Service” to run this freelancer bot and you’re all done!

Image credit: Freelancer

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What is an auto bidding bot?

The auto bidding bot is a browser extension for freelancers that bids automatically on hourly and fixed projects. Are you a freelancer? If yes, have you ever spent hours bidding on jobs and not even getting a response from half of them? As a freelancer, we have all been through the miserable bidding process. But what if we told you there is a way to auto-bid?

 So, if you are a freelancer, an auto bidding bot is made to make your life easier. Sounds interesting, right? Now let’s see how? 

Applying for tasks as a freelancer can be very time taking, an auto bidding bot makes your work as a freelancer very easy as it applies for every job that contains a keyword that you have provided which would take hours if you do it individually without a bot. You can add keywords. If any keyword or skill will match a project, then the bot will bid on that project. This way you can focus on finalizing your business deals instead of bidding manually or hiring a resource and you will always be the first freelancer to bid on your ideal project. The good thing is that you can run the bot 24/7, so it is actively bidding even when you’re not, to secure projects you want to work on. Now you can easily bid on top within a few seconds among other freelancers. So stop spending your days bidding, and start closing clients with auto-bidding!

Difficulties freelancers face:

Freelancing is very popular nowadays but freelancing comes with new challenges that you don’t have to deal with as an employee. As a freelancer, you are often at the mercy of your clients and sometimes it gets frustrating because the clients that hire you can be very picky, difficult or slow to pay when the job is done. Sounds hard, right?

Many other difficulties are faced by a freelancer such as:

  1. Applying for jobs without a bot is a pretty difficult task because you have to separately read all the project requirements every time and find the projects that fit your criteria.
  2. Last second requests.
  3. Some clients are not sure of their needs and goals and they hope you can identify them.
  4. Some clients call, text or email you whenever they want and this kind of behavior makes a freelancer’s life exhausting. 
  5. Businesses often assume that they can save money by low-balling freelancers for their services. Not only does it frustrates a freelancer, but it also tends to result in companies receiving inferior products because when it comes to freelance, you get what you pay for!
  6. Getting taken for granted by friends and family.
  7. Managing an irregular income.

What is Shark bot?

E-Applier is the only company that is facilitating freelancers through its freelancing bots. They have launched a new product called “Shark Auto Bidding Software” for freelancers who work at shark, this software will allow you to place unlimited bids automatically on as many orders as you like. An shark account is considered as your online-bank. This new feature will allow you to login yourself and let the app perform auto-bidding. It will search and apply for all the jobs which contain your keywords. You can run “Shark Bot” 24/7 without any limitations or preventions. You can limit your bids for a day as well. It’s up to you, both options are available. The great thing is that it supports all operating systems. You can also use a cloud computer provided by “BrowserStack”. It performs the best with Chrome.

How does it work?

You have to set the criteria for projects in the software according to your profile, then the software will search for projects and if the project matches your criteria, it bids automatically on that project.

->Now let us see how you can install Shark auto-bidding bot and make your job application process as a freelancer, easy. Just follow these easy steps and you are good to go.


First of all, you have to install Shark auto-bidding bot on your device. Then a form will appear and you will be asked to fill the following:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Amount
  4. Keywords

-> Then add an invite message for e.g;

“I want to work on this task.” and click on start.

STEP 2: login: 

Then you will be redirected to shark website, then add your email and password and you will be logged in. 


After logging in, there will be a filtered chart where you can customize your filters. You can also see your orders, your financial profile, overview, funds request, etc. and then you have to add the minimum and the maximum project price including currency code, then click on start. The bot will apply for projects that contain the keywords or skills that you have mentioned or the filters you have chosen. Make sure you mention all kinds of jobs you wish to apply for, so that the bot applies for more jobs, thereby fetching more jobs for you to possibly land.

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