BBC Bot will get all or specific news automatically from the website of BBC News.

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CNN Bot will give all or specific news published on CNN news builtin.

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Guardians Bot

Another great news bot as "Guardian Bot" to get all or specific news from there.

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Core Product Features

A compacted version of News-Boarding Bots will help you to read and collect news automatically from different news agencies such as: BBC, CNN, & Guardian.

Auto News Reading Bot
  • Search News With Keywords uses keywords to find relevant news feeds from each news-agency if any news contains your any keyword that news will be notified to you on your screen or via popup notification.
  • Date Filter a filter to dictate this software either you want to collect all news or only current news published on the news-agency website.
  • Instant Notification once, a job is founded with your keyword. You'll notify via a popup and job content along source URL will be shown on software screen.

More Detail About Auto News Reading Bot:

News-Board is an on-premise automotive software launched by “Webs-Automation”. This is software is designed to read news automatically from different news-agencies such as BBC, CNN, Guardian, etc. It’s helpful for those who need to read news about any specific topic (one or more) or the current affairs in the world. Now, you don’t need to sit in front of a screen to read the news. This software will read news automatically for you. Each founded news will notify you instantly with its source URL. Currently, It’s supporting three news sources to read news automatically from there including BBC, CNN, Guardian. But, you may request to add more or any specific news channel to read/collect news automatically.

You can set your keywords that need to be contained in the news. Also, you can say it, either you wish to read news only for this day or read all published news on the news sources. It can run 24/7 with continuity to find the latest news automatically. When, it finds a new news about your keywords, you’ll be notify via popup and news content will show up in software screen with its source URL.  Plus, if you need to read news automatically for a specific country or region then, you can place a custom url (fetched from the news channel source) in this software so that it will read news automatically only from that URL.

An aim to designed this software is to help those industries who always have to keep an eye on different news sources to see what’s happening. Via this auto news reading bot, you can have all news tracks from different news-sources automatically. It will save your cost, time and human effort.  All news sources like BBC Bot, CNN Bot, and Guardian Bot are integrated in one frame. All the configuration will be same for all sources. Even, if any new news source join this software you can get that with its auto-update feature. Webs-Automation also offer customization request to add any specific news-source or make some technical changes according to your needs. Our developers will make these changes for you

What Users Say

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Wayne Leeds, UK

It helps me a lot to get BBC international news feed automatically and post on our facebook page.

City Channel Moscow

Surprisingly, We got this great product before this we had employed 4-5 members to collect news by keeping an eye on an international news channel.

Elyne S.A Columbia

I tried this for guardian. It's great product and surely can help many others. Looking for some more news-agencies to get news automatically.

Cavin United State

A good one. I requested some modifications that were provided me within time and at an affordable cost.