Auto Jobs Applying Software Is Become More Intelligence Now!

Auto Jobs Applying Software Is Become More Intelligence Now!

We Have Brought Something New For You

Considering the demand for our best-selling software “Auto Jobs Applying Software”, We have made these important changes to the product:

1- New Feature: Set Questions Automatically
(Applicable to LinkedIn & Indeed)

This software supports a Questionnaire, in which you can put all possible questions and their answers that might ask by an employer, so the software can complete the application with your answer. But for some users it seems difficult to identify what question’s probably an employer asks, thus they don’t provide questions/answers to this software.

Although, in the latest updates, this software will automatically add the questions in a text file that are being asked while it applies for the jobs and later it will notify you to check the questions and put their answers to the next time software can apply for all such jobs with the same set of questions.

2- NEW Addition: Simultaneously Running
(Applicable to JobServe & ZipRecruiter)

We have a feature named “Simultaneous Run” which make this software able to run all job-boarding website together and proceed to apply for jobs on all at the same time. This feature was working with LinkedIn, Indeed, and Dice. But in the latest updates, we have added other two job-boarding websites JobServe & ZipRecruiter too. So now it can operate all 5 websites together.

3- Latest Modification: Fixed Pagination Issue
(Applicable to LinkedIn)

In the previous version, the software had failed to read and collect jobs from more than the first page, which has been fixed in current updates. Now you can let it collect more no. Of jobs by letting it go through more pages.

Auto Jobs Applying Software

We are still working to add more updates, features, and abilities to make this software even smarter. These updates and upcoming changes may reflect the subscription plan’s cost too. So if you hadn’t subscribed yet, then visit our shop now to get your plan at existing prices.

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