Flica Updates

These are the following flica updates available for its bot users.

Flica Updates

Released On 12/Nov/2023

1- Stay Login @ Flica

To stay login at flica, we need to perform an action within 30 minutes, if flica found you’re not doing anything for more than 30 minutes flica will keep you out.

Flica bot is refreshing the trip table up to 500 times, which may take more than 30 minutes due to which flica may kick you out from the active login session.

To let flica know that you’re active and using flica account, we have changed this value from 500 times to 100 times. As per this concept, the flica bot will refresh the trip table up to 100 times (that may take 15 minutes) then the bot will refresh the entire flica (folder) page to start from 0 to check more 100 times. This refreshing of the entire page after every count of 100 will keep you active on flica, and there would be less probability of kicking you out.

2- We also fixed a bug that appeared considering the minor change in the Flica website.

3- We have also removed the feature of auto-filling of your configuration that was making an issue for some users, but if you want to retrieve the previous configuration to fill chrome-extension fields, then you can find an option to “Fetch Prev. data” on the chrome-extension screen just right to email address field.

Your Flica bot (chrome extension) should automatically update to version 0.20. If not then reinstall it using this link