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How To Install And Run Fiverr Auto Bidding Bot

How To Install And Run Fiverr Auto Bidding Bot

What Is an Auto Bot

Bots have been around for more than 50 years. The first bots on Twitter started rolling out in 2006. Bots are seen as increasingly relevant because mobile messaging apps, like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc are immensely popular all over the world these days.

The term “bot” comes from robot. An auto bot is a software program. It performs repetitive tasks and it operates on the internet. Bots are automated, which means they run according to the instructions given to them. They basically do repetitive tasks at a much higher speed than humans can.

Some bots like search engine bots or customer service bots are very useful. However, there are some “bad” bots as well. They are programmed to break into user accounts or do other malicious activities. The “bad” bots also carry out cybercrimes, like account takeover or identity theft.

There are different kinds of bots and they are;

  1. Social bots: They are the bots that operate on social media platforms.
  2. Chatbots: they are the bots that simulate human conversation by responding with programmed responses.
  3. Malicious bots: These bots spread spam content and carry out credential stuffing attacks.
  4. Google bots: they are also known as web crawlers. They are the bots that scan content on webpages all over the internet.

Fiverr Bot

Fiverr bot is E-applier’s product. Fiverr bot offers some amazing features like;

24/7 Run Time

Fiverr bot can run 24/7. It can run non-stop without any limitations or preventions. You can tell this software about the number of job pages that are needed to be read. You can also set a value for repeat check which will restart the entire process again. You also have an option to limit bids for a day. The bot will only apply until it completes the jobs with your limited value.

Gig Support

Fiverr bot supports 2 gigs. You need to define these 2 gigs in this app. Fiverr bot will propose your gig service by determining your keywords. If a job will contain any skills from your keyword set 1, then the app will go with “Gig-1” and if a job will contain any skills from your keyword set 2, then the app will go with “Gig-2”.

Job Searching Criteria

Fiverr bot searches jobs by following your defined keywords, if any job contains any keyword that is same as the one you have defined or skills that you have mentioned, then the bot will apply for that job.

Secure Credentials

Fiverr bot understands the importance of your Fiverr account which is also considered as your online bank. Fiverr bot’s current subscribers have been using this app without any concerns regarding the safety of their accounts. You can safely provide your freelancer account credentials to this app. If you are still not satisfied, then you can use Fiverr bot’s new feature that will allow you to login yourself and let the app perform auto-bidding.

System Support

Fiverr bot supports all operating systems. You can also use a cloud computer provided by “Browser Stack”. When you are operating this on your computer, it is best to work with the “Chrome browser”. It also works with other browsers but it performs the best with Chrome. You can also define your chrome profile to this app. It will save your time because once a profile is provided and you are logged in at Fiverr with chrome, then you will not have to login again.


By default, Fiverr bot uses the default value that you have set in the software. You can set the default price in percentage. Then the bot will apply by getting the percentage amount of the total budget. It also supports “No. of Revision” to propose along with your application.

Fiverr Bot’s setup & Installation Process

Follow the steps given below to install Fiverr bot;

Step 1

Go to 

Step 2

Click on Fiverr tab.

Step 3

Fill in your email address and password.

Step 4

Place the amount you want to pay by a percentage.

Step 5

Set the duration as in number of days.

Step 6

Set the number of revisions to propose in your bid.

Step 7

From the right panel, clock on “proposal 1”.

Step 8

Place keywords to match relevant orders.

Step 9

Place proposal description.

Step 10

Now, set your gig title to apply with that gig.

Step 11

Similarly in “proposal 2”, you can set different keywords for other types of order proposals and different gig titles for another gig.

Step 12

You can login automatically as well. If you are already logged in, then from “Global setting”, click on “enable Chrome profiling” and the “self-login feature”.

Step 13

Finally, hit the start button to run service.

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