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How to install and run Freelancer Auto bidding Bot

How to install and run Freelancer Auto bidding Bot

What Are Autobots?

An auto bot is a browser extension that bids automatically on fixed and hourly projects. They are really helpful for freelancers. Freelancer Auto bidding bot saves your time, effort, and money. There is an option available where you can add keywords. There are filters available as well. You can customize them by specifying project titles, skills, and a description. You can also filter projects based on currency, country name, project budget, and many other filters. Once a project matches your defined criteria, the bot will apply for that job/project.


Freelancer is a great freelancing website. With secure payments and thousands of reviewed professionals to choose from, is the simplest and safest way to get work done online. You can get a lot of jobs done or do work for other people. The jobs include web designing, mobile app development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing, graphic designing and a whole lot more. It is very easy to use as well.

How Does Freelancer Work? 

You can follow the easy steps given below to know how Freelancer works;

Step 1

Firstly, you have to Sign up. 

Step 2

Post a job. 

Step 3

Then you can review, compare and select the best freelancers for your job. 

Step 4

You can pay safely. Pay for work when it has been completed and you’re 100% satisfied. There are 4 convenient payment options available and they are;

  1. credit/debit card 
  2. PayPal 
  3. E-Check (the U.S. only) 
  4. Wire transfer 

Freelancer Auto Bidding Bot

Freelancer bot is launched by E-Applier. Freelancer auto bidding bot is the best selling product of E-Applier. It is well-structured. It bids automatically on Freelancer jobs. Now, you can operate your Freelancer account with this Freelancer bot which has enough capability to apply on all the Freelancer jobs that match your skills on your behalf. This bot is very user-friendly and easy to use. By using this bot, you can focus on finalizing your business deals instead of bidding manually or hiring a resource. It has some amazing features and they are given below;


Secure Credentials

Freelancer Auto Bidding bot has a feature called “self-login”. You can use this feature to log in directly to the Freelancer Auto Bidding website. This bot also allows you to let the app login automatically. The current subscribers of “Freelancer bot” are using the app without any concern regarding their account’s safety. This means you can safely provide your Freelancer account credentials to this app.

Runs 24/7

You can run the Freelancer auto bidding bot 24/7 either with “Standard Bidding” or “Instant Bidding. It can run non-stop without any limitations. You can also define a value to say how many job pages you want the bot to read. It can read as many job pages as you want. The bot will apply for all your ideal projects. You also have an option to limit your bids for a day. It is humanly impossible to work 24/7 but it is possible for a bot. The bot also reads a lot faster than a human can.


The newly added auto-run feature will let this app run automatically at your desired time. To enable the auto-run feature click on “Enable Auto Start” under “Global setting” on the top navigation. Once you click it, it’ll prompt a window that will ask you to set a numeric value as hours to run the bot and bid automatically for the defined number of hours.

Proposal Variables

To make a unique and relevant proposal and maintain your bid score Freelancer added some variables in this freelancer bot that will hold special values. When you add these variables in your proposal, the defined value against each variable will be used in your proposal description.

Bid Score Protection

Freelancer has added a new part in its structure named “Bid Score” which needs to be maintained above 65% for better bid quality. It will protect your bid score and your bid quality.

Job Searching Criteria

The “Freelancer bot” supports two types of job search criteria. The first one is to search for jobs by title, so any job title that contains a keyword from the set of keywords you have selected, the bot will apply for that job. The second criteria is to search for jobs by skills, so any job that contains any skills from the skills set that you have defined, the bot will apply for that job. 


When it comes to the position where it needs to place an amount and duration of the job along with the proposal. By default, it uses the default value you set in software. You can set a default price in percentage % so it will apply by getting the percentage amount of total budget. Although, there’s also an option to define a different amount and duration for different job budgets. Hourly jobs can also be proceeded with a default value or by using your defined value.

How To Install and Run Freelancer Auto Bidding Bot

Follow these steps to know how Freelancer bot works;

Step 1

Go to   

Step 2

When the application is launched, click on the third tab of Freelancer.

Step 3

Then place your Freelancer account credentials, there are two options available to log in on “” via this Freelancer bot.

  • Auto- Login: If you allow this app to log in automatically with your provided Freelancer account credentials, then simply provide your Freelancer username and password in Freelancer panel.
  • Manual- Login: If you don’t wish to share your Freelancer account credentials to this application. In this case, you need to click “Global Setting from the top navigation bar and then checked Self-Login Option. This option will let you enter your Freelancer account credentials to log in manually and directly on login page opened by this application. Once you log in successfully you will be required to click on “Yes” button on the window prompted by this application that will ask you “Have you log in to the Freelancer?”. By pressing “Yes” actually you’re informing this application that you have got a login to Freelancer and now the application can start its job as Freelancer bot.

Step 4

After account credentials, you need to set the amount in the “Amount %:” field under Freelancer panel this is default amount value to be placed in your bid application. The value is formatted in percentage so suppose if you place “50” as a value here then this bot will find 50% of maximum job budget. For example, if a job has a maximum budget of 100$ then this bot will apply 50$ that is 50% of 100$. 

Step 5

Just below the “amount field”, you’ll have another field named “Duration”, It’s default duration value is formatted in days that needs to be placed in your bidding application. If you place “7” as a value in this field, then this freelancer bot will apply 7-days in your bid application. This means you’re saying that you’re willing to complete the project you’re applying for in 7-days. 

Step 6

On the right panel, there will be two tabs, Proposal-1 and Proposal-2. All bots of “E-Applier” supports two different proposals for two different job categories. It is because, if you wish to apply on two different categories of jobs, one as a designer and another one as a writer then you’ll definitely have different keywords and proposals for each category. You need to place keywords for each proposal that need to be matched with the job skills. Only the job titles that contain any of your keywords will be applied for. Just down to keyword in the “Proposal/Description” field write your detailed proposal to convey your services.

Step 7

 In the top navigation, under “Freelancer Setting” you’ll have many other features to control your bidding. You can select them according to your preference.

Step 8

There are two options applicable for a freelancer in “Global Setting” on the top navigation bar.

  1. Under “Global Setting”, click on “Job Reading Setting”. If you select “Standard Bidding Type” to run the bot, then you will also have to tell this freelancer bot how many job pages it needs to read. This you can define in the  “Read Pages” field. Also, set a value to recheck pages if you wish to restart from page-1 when all pages would have been read to apply for jobs. If you wish to limit the number of bids to apply by this freelancer bot then place a numeric value in the “Limit Bids” field.
  2. Under “Global Setting”, click on “System Configuration”. The first field you’ll find is “Job Search By” this field will have two options. Either you wish to match your keywords in “Job Titles” or in “Job Skills”. By default, freelancer bot is configured to match your keywords by the “job skill” set, but you can switch its value to let this bot match your keywords in “Job Title”.

Step 9

Once, you complete all the configuration accordingly. Click on “Start Service” to run this freelancer bot and you’re all done!

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