Indeed Bot

Indeed is considered a leading platform for searching and applying for jobs. This incorporates onboard jobs which are applicable within Indeed and outer positions that can apply on organization sites. Indeed bot is an auto job involving a tool that works on Indeed, It uses your Indeed profile to search and apply for jobs. It gives you benefits by naturally dropping your resume for employment for you. Ultimately, you can save your time and endeavors by getting this indeed bot and expecting speedy interview calls.

Indeed Bot:

It’s a desktop-based software that can deploy either on Windows or Mac and works on a chrome browser. There is no backend process, it performs applications live uninterruptedly. Moreover, it can concurrently work with other job searches websites such as LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter.


  • Apply easy-to-apply jobs
  • Search jobs for different job positions and locations
  • Answer the employer questions automatically
  • Add companies to eliminate applying
  • Collect jobs from all available pages from the search result

Brand New “Indeed Bot” in form of Chrome Extension

Our new auto jobs, applying tool has been published at the chrome-store, despite that, we had already developed “Indeed Bot” before that is still our 2nd top-selling product. But for some users, it was a challenge to install that and understand how to configure that desktop-based software well. Therefore, we have developed this chrome extension which is easier to set up with minimal configuration and settings and works similarly to our other desktop-based application.


  • Download/install the chrome extension in your chrome browser
  • Open the Indeed website, search for relevant jobs with titles and locations
  • Once, you’re on the jobs result page, click the chrome extension
  • Place your subscription email, and No. of pages to collect jobs.

Upcoming Updates:

We’re striving to let this Indeed bot apply for the external jobs that will apply on company websites.

Our Audience:

We have more than 150+ subscribers mostly individuals but some recruitment agencies are also using this indeed bot with white labeling to apply the jobs for their clients.

Get Access:

The software is free to download although, you need a subscription to access it. To purchase a subscription visit our shop.

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Are The Bots Secured To Use?

Are The Bots Secured To Use?

Are The Bots Secured To Use? We’ve been designing all bots that work like real, there’s no background processing and It automates your chrome browser. Everything happens in front of you, The self-login features make it more secure. It’s a feature to prevent auto-login, In case, you don’t want to provide your account credentials to this bot software, enabling the self-login feature will let you log in manually and the rest would be the responsibility of this bot to begin its job.

The only thing we suggest to our customers is to schedule it in hours and don’t use it 24/7 to apply infinitely. Because if you apply for too many jobs/tasks in a short period of time even manually then your account might be at risk. But using it in phases like 1-2 hours then a pause and after an hour resume it again. This will securely give you a big number of applications.

Intelligent Data Filling:

Most websites don’t like the same content in data fillings as freelancing sites compel their users to bid with a relevant and unique proposal. Similarly, jobs application at Indeed or LinkedIn asks for different data while applying. Therefore, we have an intelligent approach in our bots’ functionality to read and write unique or random data that behaves variously according to the structure of a website.

Proxy IPs:

Some websites are restricted with IP these sites only allow one proceeding from single IP. If you usually these are forums to generate traffic that’s why they are IP-sensitive to prove genuine visits. In such a case, we integrate proxy IPs with our bot system. These proxy IPs are available for free or paid you can buy them from any vendor.


We understand there might something more protocols in highly secured platforms like payment wallets, eBay, Amazon, etc. Thus our experts are always available to study your business requirements and propose you a safe, secure, and customized solution, Moreover, after delivery, we will also observe the interaction of our customized bot with its coordinated website. To insure the safety proceedings.

Author: Aleem Qureshi (MSCS - Automation Engineer)
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ebsbsA SECRET BEHIND WEBSITE AUTOMATIONAutomated websites and bot have grown to be an essential promotion tool. The penetration of the Web into all corners of the globe enables your business or organization to compete in the global marketplace. As a result, you have got a tremendous amount of competition, making regular follow-up essential and you need to exploit any specific benefit you will discover. Fortunately, there’s a solution that many online businesses are using each day: automated websites. Imagine having the ability to:

  • Capture new leads on your site
  • Develop customer confidence using sequential communications
  • Track all your prospects as well as consumers without lifting a finger

In today’s economic environment, automation is not a luxury—it’s a necessity for keeping a competitive edge. The advantages of automation are highly variable which you can’t afford to ignore them. Reasons To automatize Your web site are;

  1. Edges Your Business or Organization

When you automate daily tasks, you have got longer to target growing your company. Better of all, your selling activities do not grind to a halt on evenings and weekends. Once your business becomes machine-driven, you’ll be able to quickly and check your progress from any browser. The correct strategy combined with robust and sensible machine-driven systems offers you a position over your competitors. You will bring a lot of customers, and pay less time, cash and energy winning them over offline or through ancient selling channels. Automation leverages the most effective technology day and night, whether or not you are there or not.

  1. Builds Your Email List 24/7

Email has the best ROI of any selling tool. Your email list is your goldmine. It is important to all or any your selling and is your most important plus. To capture names and emails, it’s essential that you create an irresistible provide, one thing like: “Free Special Report: a way to Dramatically Boost Your Website Traffic in Thirty Days.” an email subscribe button is not any long enough. With preprogrammed motorcar responders, you’ll be able to provide digitally downloaded instructional material to your website guests who share their names and email addresses with you. Once your prospect’s knowledge is entered in your machine-driven website information, it will then be programmed to trigger a well-crafted response that may rework them into customers.

  1. Track and live Your selling Efforts

Most businesses disappoint within the space of marketing measuring. Here are some inquiries to consider:

  • How many guests come back to your website each month?
  • When you send emails, what number individuals indeed click through to your website?

These answers are vital as a result of they’re going to tell you what you wish to enhance, like however compelling your titles are,  or the copy on your website’s landing pages. You will not grasp this till you begin measurement.

  1. The Human Touch

Human-to-human connections are the essence of marketing website automation at its best is merely an extension of the human touch. It’s simple service at its core: anticipating the wants of your audience throughout their journey to providing the correct info at the exact time within the right context to the proper individuals. Rather than merely having the ability to appendage some individuals along with your bit, automation helps you to facilitate thousands or tens of thousands. With an automatic website, you’ll be able to offer personalized, relevant content to your contacts throughout their entire relationship with you. You don’t need statistics to prove the worth of personalized messages. It makes sense: customers are a lot of conscious of brands that care.

  1. Perpetually Improve Your SEO by Delivering Valuable Content Over Time

Automated websites see the most critical ROI within the middle and bottom of the funnel, and content is the fuel. The most effective way to build trust along with your prospects is to deliver content-rich and relevant info that they are trying up in Google. Machine-Driven websites have tools that enable you to trace your keywords and use SEO best practices whenever you publish content. Not solely that, however, it tracks your pages and makes suggestions concerning however you’ll be able to optimize them and improve your SEO. Your content motivates prospects to return your website and acts as your 24/7 salespeople. By regularly making quality content that appeals to the various segments of your audience and might be found by them through organic search, you perpetually improve your computer program ranking.

  1. Interact in Multiple Channels

Automated websites bots integrate your social media tools. Thus your customers will move along with your company across all forms of channels from your email to website to multiple social media channelsand track every single interaction during information. It all starts with mistreatment top-of-the-funnel channels to drive traffic to your site that you will convert into leads. This implies staking out your experience and dominating the SERPs (search engine results pages) for your chosen house. Variety of surveys of B2B patrons make sure that concerning hour of the B2B shopping for a method is currently entirely online. At very cheap of the funnel (BOFU) is once the client seeks details like rating, technical specs, and social proof. If your website or content offers cannot answer these queries directly, the lead goes to drop you off the list. Once edges begin asking these queries, your selling team will start providing case studies, reviews, and technical details centered on your resolution. The client is going to be receptive, as a result of they’re nearer to creating a call.

In case you’re looking to have an automation for website, software’s or mobile app, base on specific service, we can fully automate your website to your greater satisfaction,  we can integrate your social media tools and also provide you automate bots.  You can contact us (Webs-Automation).

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