LinkedIn Bot

We already have launched two other bots for LinkedIn including a one for auto-job applications on LinkedIn jobs, But this LinkedIn bot is for social interaction with its users. As you know unlike other social media platforms LinkedIn has separate kind of users with scope for career opportunities. Nowadays, every company and business must hold a LinkedIn profile. Our LinkedIn social bot is an integrated part of the marketing tool “Hash-Tager”, having the same feature to promote and market your business, product or brand in LinkedIn users.

It is basically functionalized to find all the LinkedIn posts through your keywords that you will describe on the software screen, it will collect each post where any of your keywords would be discussing then it will pass your custom message to each collected post. You can write a customized message on the software screen with a promotional and marketing content to share among the LinkedIn users. Moreover, it has other social behavior that can act automatically including auto-liking to posts and auto re-sharing.


The LinkedIn bot is a java-based desktop-based application supported for Windows and Mac that you can download on your system with your license. It also has a feature to import demo data to fill all setting and configuration automatically.


You should have java installed on your pc, if not then the software will download and install itself. It works lively with chrome browser so you should also have an updated chrome browser as well. You can use tweeter account from imported data or use your own account.

We have similar bots for other social platforms although all these including this one are an integrated part of the lead product “Hash-Tager” that is designed to promote, market your brand or business on all supported social networking platforms in the same manner as happening in this product. If you want to promote your product/service through all social platforms then you should exploit this leading product “Hash-Tager” having all social platforms incorporated.