What is Marketing Automation and How it Works?

Marketing automation is a technology that automatically manages marketing processes and across multiple platforms and channels. Essentially, it is used to automate repetitive tasks. With marketing automation, businesses can target customers with messages across email, web, social, and text. Messages are sent according to sets of instructions called workflows. This process allows a person to systemize, measure and simplify tasks. And as an overall objective, the aim is to increase operational efficiency while growing business revenue. Sales departments use marketing automation for online marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Automation helps with tasks like lead generation and nurturing, and scoring. Good automation systems are designed to grow along with your business. So, its ability to save time and resources increase as an organization grows in size and complexity. With the current scheme of the digital world and the rate at which its changing, Marketing Automation is no longer seems like a new concept. When automation is used productively, employees are free to tackle higher-order problems, and the scope for human error is reduced. 

Marketing departments use artificial intelligence marketing software to reduce or even eliminate repetitive tasks including:

  •       Coordination of SMS messaging
  •       Website widget content
  •       Online advertisements placement
  •       Analytics and ROI Tracking
  •       Social Media Marketing
  •       Campaign Segmentation
  •       Content Curation and Content Management
  •       Email Marketing Automation
  •       Lead Generation, Analysis, and Management
  •       Multivariate Testing
  •       Website Visitor Tracking

Companies that use marketing automation see more web traffic and buyers and stimulate greater retention. Machine learning marketing, when coupled with personalization, engages customers through highly relevant content that converts them into loyal customers. By streamlining this process, you’re able to build personalized, direct connections with a seemingly endless number of customers, at scale. Marketing Automation is bound to reduce redundancy and fast-track your path to success.

You collect customer data through many interactions: emails, on social media and other platforms. This data helps create a 360-degree model of each customer. From there, marketing automation does all the work: streamline segmentation and targeting processes to quickly determine the right audiences, tailoring messaging to each customer based on their profile. With a few simple clicks, it creates and delivers personalized messaging across different platforms. Delivering personalized experiences for your customers is directly connected to higher sales and retention rates. 

You can do anything on the internet; it opens doors for unlimited possibilities. Furthermore, it helps you organize your transactions by automating them. Social Media Marketing and even event advertisements can be automated. You can also have live chats and other activities through Marketing Automation.

When marketers or business owners automate the tasks, they will save time and money. Digital marketing automation also redirects your efforts in the right direction. Consequently, this allows the company to grow and succeed since there will be reshifting of focus on high priority tasks.

Marketing Automation is beneficial to any marketing company. It has become one of the staples in Digital Marketing. Let’s consider the advantages of artificial intelligence marketing and see the benefits it creates.


  • Higher Conversion Rates


In a study recently conducted by marketers noticed an astonishing increase in conversion rates. So, when a marketer manages proper lead generation through Marketing Automation, an organization can attract the right target audience. The marketing initiatives are then presented to the right customers. Thus, further inquiries come from potential consumers and this increases the possibility of closing a sale for your brand.


  • Increase Productivity in Employees


The happiness of your employees has to come before customers. If they are unhappy, your business will tend to suffer. Through Marketing Automation, your employees are released from simple tasks and thus, can focus on more important ones. In research by Marketo, 95% of companies saw an increase in staff productivity due to marketing automation. Furthermore, this provides your company with the opportunity to give back to your people by making their jobs simpler.


  • Better Task Workflow


Marketing Automation organizes everything in order: it sorts out transactions, systematizes activities, creates schedules, and increases collaborations so as to achieve a common goal. In fact, more advanced automation tools even allow business owners to perform corporate planning and budgeting. In conclusion, it makes things run a lot faster and a lot smoother.


  • Greater Customer Relationships


If you think your job is done when you have acquired a customer, you are sadly mistaken. It is only the beginning. Customer retention holds the same significance as customer acquisition. As a marketer, you have to build strong and lasting relationships with customers.

Marketing Automation allows you to do this. It provides marketers analytical intelligence along with various marketing automation tools that provide relevant customer data and analysis. Automation makes it easier for businesses to predict and create responses to the ever-changing needs of the target market.


  • Faster Return on Investment


Aside from everything already mentioned, Machine Learning Marketing gives you a faster return on investment. The initial investment cost in Marketing Automation will quickly pay for itself. According to the study in a global survey of Marketing executives, business owners saw their revenues increase almost three times.


  • Increase email open rates


E-Commerce brands can increase email open rates by using A/B testing across all email components. Automation tools store consumer data, which consequently increases the optimization of emails. Whether through subject line optimization or ensuring an email is populated with the right content, these solutions result in data-driven decisions and results. 


A typical day, for many marketers, is spent constantly juggling each of these marketing tasks until they cannot manage to cope anymore. However, machine learning marketing has quickly become the go-to for marketing teams and companies looking to take the redundancy out of tedious, time-consuming tasks so that they can benefit both in the short and long run.

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