Are The Bots Secured To Use

Are The Bots Secured To Use?

We’ve been designing all bots that work like real, there’s no background processing and It automates your chrome browser. Everything happens in front of you, The self-login features make it more secure. It’s a feature to prevent auto-login, In case, you don’t want to provide your account credentials to this bot software, enabling the self-login feature will let you log in manually and the rest would be the responsibility of this bot to begin its job.

The only thing we suggest to our customers is to schedule it in hours and don’t use it 24/7 to apply infinitely. Because if you apply for too many jobs/tasks in a short period of time even manually then your account might be at risk. But using it in phases like 1-2 hours then a pause and after an hour resume it again. This will securely give you a big number of applications.

Intelligent Data Filling:

Most websites don’t like the same content in data fillings such as freelancing sites compel their users to bid with a relevant and unique proposal. Similarly, jobs application at Indeed or LinkedIn asks for different data while applying. Therefore, we have an intelligent approach in our bots’ functionality to read and write unique or random data that behaves variously according to the structure of a website.

Proxy IPs:

Some websites are restricted with IP these sites only allow one proceeding from single IP. If you usually these are the forums to generate traffic that’s why they are IP sensitive to prove genuine visits. In such a case, we integrate proxy IPs with our bot system. These proxy IPs are available for free or paid you can buy them from any vendor.


We understand there might something more protocols in highly secured platforms like payment wallets, eBay, Amazon, etc. Thus our experts are always available to study your business requirements and propose you a safe, secure and customized solution, Moreover, after delivery, we will also observe the interaction of our customized bot with its coordinated website. To insure the safety proceedings.

Author: Aleem Qureshi (MSCS - Automation Engineer)

Posted by aleem11

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