LinkedIn Bot Advance Features Guide To Start By Aleem Qureshi

I believe it has read/applied for all jobs in basic/simple start, it’ll just take 7-10 jobs. Follow the more steps to the next run:

Feature “Questionnaire”
In Basic/Simple Start, you’ll notice that some jobs might not be fully applied because the employer is asking the questions. To answer these questions from the software screen, click “Edit” then click “Questionnaire”, enabling this feature will open a notepad(txt) file where you can set the keywords for possible questions and their answers as follows:

Q:How many

In the above question “How many” is a keyword that represents possible questions like How many years of experience do you have? And in the next line  “A:” 3 is your answer.
Q: and A: is mandatory to define the identifier or let the bot know what is Question and what is the Answer.

If the notepad (txt) file doesn’t open after enabling the Questionaire feature, then this file exists in your bot software folder, you can find and open it from there.

Feature “Multi-Urls”

In Basic/Simple Start, you had put/placed a single (one) URL/Link but what about if you want the bot to collect jobs from multiple urls/links where each url/link will give you a different job position or location?

From the top navigation at the software screen, click “Edit” and this time enable the “Multi-Urls” feature, this will also open the notepad (.txt) file if not then open it from the software folder. In this file, you can place multiple URLs/links (each URL/link in a new line) as follows:

  • my url#01
  • my#02

You can generate these Urls/links from LinkedIn then copy each URL/link and paste it into that notepad (txt) file.

Feature “Pagination”

A URL/Link might contain more than 1 page in the search result, usually, in basic/simple start the bot software collects the jobs from the first page only, but you “Enable” to read all pages from the software screen as shown below.

LinkedIn Bot

If you just enable it with the value of 0 in “Limit the no# of pages” then the bot will read all available pages for a search result, but if you want to limit, let’s suppose you want to read only the first 3 pages, then in the “Limit no# of pages” you can change the value from 0 to 3, but make sure to keep enable the pagination which is on the left side of this value.