LinkedIn Bot Basic Guide To Start By Aleem Qureshi

This is Aleem let me guide you through Basic to Advance configuration for the LinkedIn auto job applying bot:

Basic Start:

Take a start with the basic setting to make sure everything is working, then follow the advanced procedure to use it smartly:

Make sure you’ve updated the chrome browser for version 104 or above, also once the bot application screen appears, from the top navigation click “File” and hit “Update Driver” (Driver will update to get the same version as your browser), let it update.

Note: Don’t attempt to run LinkedIn and Indeed bot simultaneously, Let me guide you further to start Linkedin then later you can follow the same procedure for Indeed.

To Start LinkedIn Bot:

At chrome browser, visit the LinkedIn website, and log in with your account, search for some kind of jobs there, in the search result page, apply the “Easy-to-Apply” filter (This option shows at the left side of LinkedIn search result page)

Now, copy the link/URL of this search result and place this link/URL on the bot software screen under the LinkedIn tab/settings (as shown below, follow the arrow)


linkedin url.jpg



Because you’re already login at your LinkedIn profile on the chrome browser, so you don’t need to place/put your actual credentials on the bot screen, but this bot screen operates 4 more websites to apply automatically thus, to identify which one you want to start, you’ve to put some demo credentials like you can write “Test” in username/password both.

Now, once again from the top navigation enable/check these 2 features: “Self-Login” & “Chrome Profiling”.

Now you can hit the start service button.

You’ll notice now the bot is opening the chrome browser and visiting the LinkedIn website, usually, it can detect that you’re login but sometimes it fails to detect then it prompts/popup a window message that asks:

“Have you Login to LinkedIn?” It will give you a “Yes or No” Option, you can view the LinkedIn website page which is opened by the bot software to make sure that you’re login, if you find that you’re already login then click Yes from that window, if not then log in first and then click “Yes”.

After clicking the “Yes” the bot will start to read jobs and apply each one by one.

There are more things undermentioned. But we don’t want to rush your mind, so try this basic start if it applies job then follow more settings from this article.

LinkedIn or indeed both shows 10-12 jobs per page in which the bot takes only easy-to-apply jobs. If it says 200+ jobs are available but on the first page, you will see only 12 or 15 jobs. On the software screen under LinkedIn tab, you will find an option to enable pagination. To go through with more than page 1, make sure pagination is enabled/checked for LinkedIn on the software screen, along with this you’ll see an option to set a value about how many pages you want it to read. Some people don’t want to apply for older jobs so they put 3 to let it collect jobs from page 1 to page 3 only. But if you left “0” in value, the bot will go with all available pages for that searched job result.

Similarly for indeed on the software screen under the indeed tab, you will see a bar make that at 100 (maximum) to let it go through with all pages.
There’s an option in global settings “multi-URL” in which you can set multiple URLs/links for different job positions or locations.
In such a way, you will get max number of jobs.
On top-right of software screen click “Questionnaire” it’ll open a portal on browser. In this portal, you can define questions and their answers that may ask in the application process by an employer. No need to place complete questions, a single keyword will work. But follow the format “Q:” is mandatory for a question and “A:” is mandatory for an answer, you’ll see some samples of questions/answers in that file. Here’s an example:
Q: Sponsorship? (After “Q:” There’s a keyword Sponsor that represents a question like: Do you need sponsorship to work in the US?)
A: Yes (In the next line of the above question here’s the answer starting from “A:” and the answer is Yes)
Save the questions and answers.
This questionnaire is applicable on both LinkedIn/Indeed, the bot can also add questions automatically for which you don’t place an answer, so in the next run, you can set answers for those questions too.

To run LinkedIn/Indeed/Dice simultaneously, just left to start service button there’s a checkbox that says: “Run Simultaneously” enable/check this option. But make sure you are login to all these 3 websites with your account in the chrome browser. Because the bot will not attempt to log in. You’ve to keep login in manually. Additionally, check and confirm “Chrome Profiling” and “Self-Login” feature is enabled/checked from global settings.