How to Place Orders Automatically on eBay

How to Place Orders Automatically on eBay

What Are Autobots?

Auto bidding bots were created to help ease tasks that involve redundancy, they help you save time and money! Essentially, they are a browser extension that bid automatically on your behalf. There are options available where you can add keywords. There are filters available too. You can customize them depending on your wants and needs. You can also filter projects based on the country name, currency, project budget, and a variety of other filters.



eBay is an online shopping website that’s best known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. It’s also popular for online merchants who use it as a sales channel. eBay, for the most part, is an international platform. However, the site has enabled users to make local searches by customizing their zip code. 


How Does eBay Work?

Step 1: Hop onto eBay’s website.


Step 2: Register yourself to be able to buy or sell products. Click the “Register” option right above their logo. It should lead you here.


Step 3: Next, fill out your name, email address and select a password. Click submit!


Step 4: Once you’re redirected to their homepage, you can search for items to buy using the search bar. 


Step 5: You’ll be shown a list of items that match your search.


eBay Auto Bidding Bot

Ebay Auto Order Processing Bot is an auto bidding bot by Webs-Automation. It is capable of placing bulk orders on eBay. It is meant to help save your time and effort; those are precious commodities!


The eBay auto-order processing bot, for the most part, is a pretty simple application. It does not need any special installations. You will simply get an executable file once you purchase the bot. After that, it’s only a matter of launching it and placing an excel sheet of your order’s data. Or, you can even place your order’s data on the software screen. You can determine configurations for filters and manage how you want this bot to process your orders automatically.




Secure Credentials

Just like all our other bots, eBay Auto Order Processing Bot has a feature called “self-login”. You can use this feature to log in directly to the eBay website. This bot will also let you opt to log in automatically. Our eBay bot’s current subscribers are using the app without any hesitation regarding their account’s safety. So rest assured, you can provide your eBay account credentials without thinking twice. 


Runs 24/7

The eBay Auto Order Processing Bot can run 24/7. It can run without any limitations, always on the clock. You can also set a value to how many orders you want the bot to place for you. It can place as many bulk orders as you want. You also have an option to limit your bids for the day or week. It is humanly impossible to work 24/7 but our bots can do it!. The bot also reads a lot faster than a human is capable of because of its advanced artificial intelligence. 


System Support

The eBay Auto Order Processing Bot supports all operating systems. When you are operating this on your computer it is best to work with the “Chrome browser”. While the bot does support other browsers, it works impeccably well with Google Chrome. You can also define your chrome profile to this app, it will save your time because once a profile is provided and you’re already logged in, then the bidding bot does not require you to log in constantly.


How To Install and Run eBay Auto Order Processing Bot

Step 1

Go to Webs-Automation.


Step 2

When the website launches, click on our eBay bot, it’s the first icon, second row!


Step 3

Download the app and start by putting your eBay account credentials.


Step 4

That’s it, folks! You are done. Just click “Submit”. 


Step 5

Now our bot will access eBay to search and proceed with your orders. 


Step 6

Then go to the eBay website and it will add your orders into eBay’s cart. 


Step 7

After selecting everything you wanted to purchase, the bot will take you to the checkout point. 


Step 8

Payment options come up next, but that’s okay, just choose which option works best for you. 

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What Is a Marketing Bot And Why Use it

What Is a Marketing Bot And Why Use it

What is Marketing Bot?

It is a software used by a business to carry out certain marketing activities automatically. To get ready for the planned how-to of marketing bots, there are three things you should understand about marketing chatbots.

The main things to note are;

  1. A marketing bot transfers out marketing tasks automatically.
  2. A marketing bot operates informal interaction to carry out these marketing tasks.
  3. To make a marketing bot, a marketer does not need to write code, they can use a visual chatbot builder.

What exactly is a bot? 

A bot is a software application that runs automated duties over the internet. Usually, bots have obtained a negative name to marketers as they are frequently associated with bringing fake traffic to a company’s website by imitating page views or clicking on search ads. But, as they have developed and have become much more advanced, marketers are seeing this as a chance to target better consumers.

The Rise of Bot Marketing

Bots can make digital marketing uncomplicated for marketers and start a smooth user experience for purchasers. We already are seeing how bot technology is interconnected with purchasers and how this supplies a practical relationship between a brand and its purchasers.

Lately, you may have run into the term bot and AI artificial intelligence) numerous times. This has appeared as a new marketing channel and is set to affect marketers as they are becoming a strong form of marketing and personalization to provide a seamless user experience.

How Are Marketing Bots Used?

Chatbots are recently leading this growth as brands are incorporating bots into their chat systems. Social networks like Facebook have already incorporated this into their messenger app and numerous brands have established to use this as a tool to associate with their customers.


Spring, a clothing brand, for example, is utilizing chatbots to be in touch with their customers conversationally, as well as being a special shopping subordinate. This provides a more personalized approach to marketing and labels can offer new promotional chances to customers. Moreover, every conversation is logged, which will assist marketers to shape and grow targeted campaigns.


Philadelphia has even created a Facebook page specially designed to persuade customers to use their messenger which provides food inspiration with relevant Philadelphia based recipes with the help of bot technology. This not only makes the life of customers easy but this also promotes the brand on a product level and grows its utilization.

Voice-based intelligence

Apart from chatbots, voice-based intelligence like Amazon’s Alexa is inspiring marketers to make voice skills. This uses a clever personal assistant that is able to voice interconnection, music playback, making to-do lists and other real-time information. Using nothing but your voice, customers can search the web, shop online and have weather reports, etc.

So why should marketers pay attention to this? As purchasers are using their voices to get explore results, this can help brands to get their apps found more easily. Marketers will consequently have to expend more time on character management to make sure what Amazon discover is good and hopefully shows their brand in the top results.


Online stores are continuously discovering new methods to improve customer experience and stand out from their challengers. As a way to achieve this, a few e-commerce brands are looking at bots and AI to make a smoother customer experience. 

A bot, for example, would be a perfect method for a customer to find out more related to the product. They could communicate about product spec, add on items or warranty terms. The rise in e-commerce data could also mean in the future that bots will help brands segment and automate email messaging to specific customers.

Methods to Include Bots in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Lately, marketing bots have become a well-liked form of automation. Bots haven’t been in fashion for long, so a lot of bot chances are still being surveyed. But there are also numerous methods to incorporate bots in your digital marketing right now.

Check out: What Is an Internet Bot?

Some ways to include bots in any marketing strategy are as follows;

1. Communicate With Website Visitors

This is the handiest, useful and popular bot action. It takes an enormous quantity of work by your hands, but it has a lot of benefits. When visitors come to your site, they want answers about your products or services. If they won’t be able to find those answers, they may never come back.

Helping your possible customers is the first concern, but that can be hard if you have small customer support or sales team. This is where bots enter in and save the day.

2. Certify Our Leads

Lead management can frequently give you a headache. Leads sometimes need a lot of care, and while it’s worth the result, it’s also quite tiring.

So why not have a bot do it for you?

You can program sets of questions to discover out where a purchaser is in the sales funnel. This works quite well, and frequent, your purchasers won’t even know the fact that they’re talking to a bot.

3. Organize Your Team

There’s always a definite quantity of friction that happens within teams. Getting everyone on the same page will lessen that friction and help you do everything finer. Bots like Standup Bot and Nikabot make that task a lot stress free and simple. These bots help you trace what everyone in your team is up to and keep everyone upgraded.

4. Personalize the User Experience

A fact is that the customers love personalization across the board. If you’re not offering that customized experience, you could be losing out to your competitors. One way that bots get personalized is to offer “quizzes” or a sequence of queries.

5. Integrate Bots With Messaging Platforms

This is where bots really glow. Chatbots are the most favored with messaging platforms. That makes a lot of sense. After all, most bots are made to communicate with your customers. Specifically, there are many bots available for Slack and Facebook Messenger.

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What Is an Internet Bot?

What Is an Internet Bot?

A web bot performs relatively simple and constant online assignments. It is actually an automatic software program that is used to run automatic scripts over the internet, without which it would have been very difficult or it would have had lacked interest for a human being to continue with it. Bots indeed are automated, which means they don’t need any human user to start them up because they run accordingly to their information. They generally act like a human user. 

A Web bot plans particular commands when it receives the proper input, just like a robot. This software can also be used as a chat room moderator as well as a website advertiser. Web bots are known as crawlers or spiders respectively, they search the World Wide Web (www) to recover files\ documents and record the information found on Web pages. Then from there, search bots create electronic catalogs of the “spidered” sites, by making up the index of the sites that are carried as search- engine results.

Websites can also use bots to promote shopping deals. In this kind of usage of bots, it indexes data information about the visit of users to the pages on the Web. Moreover, bots can also be used for showing a desire to harm someone. They are called `Malicious Bots`.

What Are Botnets?

When a group of computers is infected by Malicious Bots and they work together as one organization, then this is known as a botnet. Botnets are used to perform identity theft or begin the denial-of-service attacks. This can only be done by launching broad-based remote attacks against targets.

Bots can log keystrokes and they can assemble passwords and money related information. Other malicious bots can gather people’s email addresses for spam, drag content, handle user`s feedback on sites. Bots do have the advantage of worms but they are more adaptable in their infections, and they often make little changes within hours of new usage.

There are a lot of ways to save yourself from a malicious Web bot. Make sure that your operating system is up to date, and that you have updated your anti-virus software. After that, let the anti-virus system scan your emails and download files, lastly install a firewall.

Types of bots

There are various types of bots. Some bots are useful, such as search engine bots that indicate the content for customer service bots that help human users. While on the other hand, some bots are bad because they defraud and sneak into other’s accounts or do other malicious activities.

Some of the bots are as follows;

1: Malicious Bots

2: Internet Bots

3: Social Bots

4: Video Game Bots

5: Spider Bots

Malicious Bots

After reading about malicious bots, everyone must have wondered what actually are Malicious bots? To answer that question simply, malicious bots are self- generated threats; they include computer viruses, spyware, worms, etc. When a malicious bot infects a host, it connects back to a central server that controls and order hundreds or thousands of uniformly infected computers.  

Any automatic action taken by a bot that disobeys the website owner’s aim, the site’s Terms of Service for bot behavior can be well-chosen or termed as a malicious bot. Bots that try to carry out cybercrime, such as to expose an account are also bad bots. Just because these bots do illegal stuff they do not have to break any law to be termed as malicious.

Internet bots

The Internet bots are also known as a web robot or simply bot. It is a software application that runs automated scripts over the Internet. In most cases, bots fulfill tasks that are both simple and formation-ally repetitive, at a much higher rate than it would be possible for a single human. Most of the bots are used in a web crawler, where an automated script carries, examines, and files data from web servers at as much speed as the speed of a human being.

Social Bots

A social bot is a representation that shares more or less independently on social media, frequently with the work of effecting the line of conversation or the judgment of its readers. It is linked to chatbots but mainly only uses preferable simple associations or no reactivity at all. 

Video Game Bots

Within video games, a bot is a kind of AI expert system software that starts a video game in place of a human being. Bots are used in a quantity of video game categories for a variety of tasks. A bot

written for a first-person shooter (FPS) works very diversely\differently from the one written for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Web Crawlers or Spider Bots

They are also known as spider bots, these kind and hardworking bots relentlessly move the web for our benefit. Every time a user turns to explore engine to surf the web and gets correct results, it is all able thanks to the web crawlers that the search engine employs. For example, google depends on its very own crawler software, which is known as Googlebot.

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What Is a Linkedin Bot And Why Use It

What Is a Linkedin Bot And Why Use It

What Is a Bot

The term “bot” comes from robot. A bot is a software program. It operates on the internet and performs repetitive tasks. Bots are automated, which means they run according to the instructions given to them. They basically do repetitive tasks at a much higher speed than humans can. 

Some bots are useful, such as search engine bots or customer service bots. However, there are some “bad” bots as well. They are programmed to break into user accounts or do other malicious activities. The “bad” bots also carry out cybercrimes, like account takeover or identity theft. 

Types of Bots

There are different types of bots and they are;

  1. Social bots: They are the bots that operate on social media platforms.
  2. Chatbots: they are the bots that simulate human conversation by responding with programmed responses.
  3. Malicious bots: These bots spread spam content and carry out credential stuffing attacks.
  4. Google bots: they are also known as web crawlers. They are the bots that scan content on webpages all over the internet.


Where Did The Idea For Bots Come From

Bots have been around for more than 50 years. The first bots on Twitter started rolling out in 2006. Mobile messaging apps, like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc are immensely popular all over the world these days, and because of that bots are seen as increasingly relevant. 

Linkedin Bots And Their Uses

If you wanna lookout for job opportunities or grow your online business. Linkedin is one of the best platforms for you. Over 106million people access this platform every month. It has grown immensely popular since its launch. However, that’s not all. There has been a lot more going on the platform these days because of which it will take a lot of your time and effort when you try to do your marketing on Linkedin.

That’s where Linkedin bots jump to the rescue. Thanks to Linkedin bots, this procedure can be simplified and a lot of your time and effort can be saved. Linkedin bots help in automating the various features that help your account to grow. These bots will make sure that normal Linkedin activities and operations are automated. They have had a huge impact on the platform and have completed changed the marketing game. 

Types Of Linkedin Bots

There are several Linkedin bots that are available right now. Some of them are;


LeadConnect is a bot that will help your Linkedin account to easily make sales. It will target the audience which has made similar searches and then it will link them with your product. This will help your account in making sales. This bot also helps its users to follow up with their clients and get a review on their product/service. 


LeadConnect has 4 packages available. the users are able to choose the one that suits them the best. 

The following are their 4 packages;

  1. Free Forever Package: It does not charge an access fee. It will help its users gain 5 connection invites per day and 15 credit messages daily. It will also help with team syncing.
  2. Professional Package: The monthly access fee for this package is $22.95. This plan has 30 connection requests per day and 90 message credits per day. It also provides team syncing and 10 templates.
  3. Ultimate Plan: This plan charges a monthly access fee of $77.95. This plan enables one to 100 connection requests per day and 300 credit messages per day. The users will also have access to unlimited templates and team syncing.
  4. Grow Plan: This plan costs 40.95/month. This plan includes 60 connection requests per day, 180 credit messages daily and team syncing.



Zopto provides its users with hundreds of hot deals without any advertising cost. It is a cloud-based software with full automation. Through this bot, Linkedin users will be informed of the users who have viewed their account. This bot will also help your account grow by automatically connecting you to the new user which will help in saving your precious time. With the help of this bot, you can easily find your ideal customers using a sales navigator or Linkedin Premium. It is also very easy to set up the Zopto account.


Zopto offers 3 packages;

  1. Startup Plan: the cost of this plan is $195/month. the features of this plan include; sequence messaging, connection invites, and advanced reporting.
  2. Medium Package: This plan charges a monthly fee of $395. all the features of the “Startup plan” are also available in this plan. Other features include twitter engagement and Zapier integration.
  3. Established Plan: This plan charges a monthly fee of $595. the features of this plan include connection invites, Zapier integration, and Twitter engagement. This package also provides an account manager to their users. The account manager will monitor your account and ensure that your business grows.


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