How to Place Orders Automatically on eBay

What Are Autobots?

Auto bidding bots were created to help ease tasks that involve redundancy, they help you save time and money! Essentially, they are a browser extension that bid automatically on your behalf. There are options available where you can add keywords. There are filters available too. You can customize them depending on your wants and needs. You can also filter projects based on the country name, currency, project budget, and a variety of other filters.



eBay is an online shopping website that’s best known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. It’s also popular for online merchants who use it as a sales channel. eBay, for the most part, is an international platform. However, the site has enabled users to make local searches by customizing their zip code. 


How Does eBay Work?

Step 1: Hop onto eBay’s website.


Step 2: Register yourself to be able to buy or sell products. Click the “Register” option right above their logo. It should lead you here.


Step 3: Next, fill out your name, email address and select a password. Click submit!


Step 4: Once you’re redirected to their homepage, you can search for items to buy using the search bar. 


Step 5: You’ll be shown a list of items that match your search.


eBay Auto Bidding Bot

Ebay Auto Order Processing Bot is an auto bidding bot by Webs-Automation. It is capable of placing bulk orders on eBay. It is meant to help save your time and effort; those are precious commodities!


The eBay auto-order processing bot, for the most part, is a pretty simple application. It does not need any special installations. You will simply get an executable file once you purchase the bot. After that, it’s only a matter of launching it and placing an excel sheet of your order’s data. Or, you can even place your order’s data on the software screen. You can determine configurations for filters and manage how you want this bot to process your orders automatically.




Secure Credentials

Just like all our other bots, eBay Auto Order Processing Bot has a feature called “self-login”. You can use this feature to log in directly to the eBay website. This bot will also let you opt to log in automatically. Our eBay bot’s current subscribers are using the app without any hesitation regarding their account’s safety. So rest assured, you can provide your eBay account credentials without thinking twice. 


Runs 24/7

The eBay Auto Order Processing Bot can run 24/7. It can run without any limitations, always on the clock. You can also set a value to how many orders you want the bot to place for you. It can place as many bulk orders as you want. You also have an option to limit your bids for the day or week. It is humanly impossible to work 24/7 but our bots can do it!. The bot also reads a lot faster than a human is capable of because of its advanced artificial intelligence. 


System Support

The eBay Auto Order Processing Bot supports all operating systems. When you are operating this on your computer it is best to work with the “Chrome browser”. While the bot does support other browsers, it works impeccably well with Google Chrome. You can also define your chrome profile to this app, it will save your time because once a profile is provided and you’re already logged in, then the bidding bot does not require you to log in constantly.


How To Install and Run eBay Auto Order Processing Bot

Step 1

Go to Webs-Automation.


Step 2

When the website launches, click on our eBay bot, it’s the first icon, second row!


Step 3

Download the app and start by putting your eBay account credentials.


Step 4

That’s it, folks! You are done. Just click “Submit”. 


Step 5

Now our bot will access eBay to search and proceed with your orders. 


Step 6

Then go to the eBay website and it will add your orders into eBay’s cart. 


Step 7

After selecting everything you wanted to purchase, the bot will take you to the checkout point. 


Step 8

Payment options come up next, but that’s okay, just choose which option works best for you. 

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I would like to ask the ability of bot, How long the interval of search is to start new search?
I want one minute or less for interval to start new search.

It usually takes a minute, you can have a demo.

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