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Why Our Best Two Products Goes Viral?

It had been a long time since “Webs Automation” laid the foundation of bot development. Freelancing auto-bidding bots were the primordial applications in our success story, but later in regard to the clients’ requests we broaden the scope of the bot categories and led off with these two essential categories:

  • Job-Boarding Bots
  • E-Commerce Bot

Job-Boarding Bots:

This category contains auto job applier bots, usually operational for job listening websites including LinkedIn, JobServe, ZipRecruitment, Glassdoor, Monster, etc. Some of these websites might be new to hear for you but we’re sure that you must be familiar with LinkedIn that remains the first priority of every job seeker. 

We had explicated this need of users prosperously and went into the development of LinkedIn bot. Originally, we were succeeded with the basic bot, applicable to LinkedIn with only easy-to-apply jobs that could apply through 1-click. But, it was not enough there were enormous jobs available at LinkedIn which may ask additional and customize questions. Thus, we had decided to update this product. As of now, the Linkedin auto job applier is our most selling product with a 100% accomplishment rate of success in job applications. Regardless the job is 1- click apply or ask additional questions.

E-Commerce Bots:

When approaching all possible spaces to form a bot how we can omit the most viable industry over the internet that’s termed “e-commerce”. Also, it is the field that urges the rightful exertion of bots. There are numerous e-commerce websites that eventuate for substantial human resources to deal with bulk tasks on a daily basis, it involves sellers, buyers, dealers, etc. 

Amazon and eBay are the foremost platforms in all which are recognized in many countries. Webs Automation has taken the possession of offering the very first auto-order processing bots for Amazon and eBay. Besides, it’s also endowed with the product’s optimization at Amazon or eBay that encourage the sellers of these sites to use bots for getting the higher rank of their products

Despite the fact that we at Webs Automation had published many bots before. But LinkedIn bot and eBay bot from two different categories were the challenging ones with dexterity for our team it takes strenuous effort to complete the work. After all, we haven’t only published these successful bots, but these two’s have gone viral around the world. 

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